3 Impact Garage Doors That Will Skyrocket Your Curb Appeal

When was the last time you replaced your garage door? Many homeowners do not consider updating their garage door until it is necessary. Most wait until it is damaged or stops working properly.

However, the appearance and quality of a garage door have a lasting impact on the curb appeal of your home. Most importantly, a quality garage door is especially important for those who live in areas susceptible to natural disasters.

Impact garage doors are your best chance in protecting your vehicle, lawn maintenance equipment, and other valuable items you store inside.

In this blog post, Alco Windows and Doors will share popular impact garage door options, plus the impact they have on protecting the homes of Miami Dade and Broward residents.


The Importance of Impact Garage Doors

A garage door is far more prone to wind damage compared to other parts of your home. High-speed winds, such as those from a hurricane, cause high internal pressure that expands and causes major structural destruction to the rest of your home.

For this reason, it is vital residents of South Florida, and other areas susceptible to natural disasters to consider purchasing hurricane rated garage doors. They are the greatest defense to saving your home and other valuable items.

Not only are impact garage doors important in offering maximum protection, but many counties in Florida require them as part of the Wind Code requirements. The Wind Code standardizes garage doors' strength to determine if they can withstand high-speed winds based on your area.

If you need help understanding what model of garage doors is recommended for your zone, contact the professionals at Alco Windows and Doors.


Amarr Classica Pillar

Garage Door Option #1: Amarr Classica

Your home should not have to sacrifice curb appeal for long-lasting protection. Amarr offers protective yet stylish garage doors for South Florida communities.

Their doors are built with a combination of strengthening materials to meet specific wind zone requirements in your area. Additionally, Amarr garage doors are built with varying energy efficiency levels to reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain. As a result, your home will save money on monthly heating and cooling costs.

Alco Windows and Doors most commonly recommend the Amarr Classica line of garage doors. These doors appear to be made from wood at a distance but are actually made from strong, low-maintenance, impact resistant steel.

Amarr offers South Florida residents a variety of carriage house design options, including:

  • Lucern
  • Tuscany
  • Bordeaux
  • Cortona
  • Santiago

Better yet, this line of garage doors protects your home against 90 to 185 mph wind speeds and are approved by Miami-Dade County officials.


Clopay Avante

Garage Door Option #2: Clopay Avante Collection

WindCode builds the next garage door option to consider. The biggest benefit to WindCode garage doors is the little maintenance required for natural disaster preparation.

For example, garage doors often need to be hurricane or storm-proofed to protect your home adequately. This can cost hundreds of dollars and additional hardware to install.

On the contrary, WindCode garage doors come storm ready. There is no need for extra posts, pins, or floor attachments. When a storm is on the horizon, simply close and lock your garage door to protect your property safely to keep wind borne debris at bay.

Alco Windows and Doors specifically recommends the Clopay Avante Collection for modernized homes in South Florida. This collection offers virtually-maintenance-free tempered glass garage doors. Choose between insulated glass, non-insulated glass, or a combination of the two. Additionally, the Clopay Avante Collection has many different colored frames and glass options to match nearly any home.


Haas American Tradition

Garage Door Option #3: Haas Door American Tradition Series

The Haas Door American Tradition series combines the classiness of handcrafted wooden carriage house garage doors with modern hurricane resistant technology. South Florida homeowners choose this collection to add elegance and boost curb appeal. Perhaps the greatest benefit is Haas Doors promises a lifetime limited warranty – a leading warranty in the industry.

The Haas Door American Tradition series offers many more design options compared to other manufacturers. Plus, Haas Door colors are available at Sherwin Williams if you are interested in color matching your trim to your garage door.

When creating your garage door, you have the choice between:

  • Single and double door models
  • Premium garage door colors
  • Top sections with frosted, tempered, and insulated glass
  • Decorative hardware

Lastly, the Haas Door American Tradition series are made available with wind load to help protect the exterior of your home.


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