The 5 Best Home Renovations You’ll Get Your Money Back On

Home renovations increase the value of your property when you are ready to sell. These renovations also make your home more comfortable while you are living there.

Here are five ideas for renovations that will pay for themselves when you do sell your home.

1. New windows and glass doors are excellent upgrades.

Impact windows that are resistant to heavy wind, rain and flying objects during tropical storms or a hurricane will increase your home's value while lowering your insurance premiums. These strong windows also hold in the cooled air and limit ultraviolet rays.

The windows and glass doors are necessary can also be used for any room of your home. The heavy glass that resists a flying softball will also discourage burglars from breaking into your home through closed windows.

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2. A remodeled kitchen will help sell your home.

Modern kitchens with islands and task lighting are extremely popular. The renovated kitchen should also have energy-saving built-in appliances. A kitchen that is part of a family room or great room in place of a formal living room and dining room is a modern renovation. New homes feature this open floor plan.

Your kitchen and the adjacent family room often have task and track lighting using LED bulbs to save energy. Task lights are pendant style lamps that hang over a work area. They eliminate the need for glaring overhead lights. Track lighting has light cans attached to a ceiling track. The cans can be adjusted to focus light to a single area.

3. New or remodeled bathrooms add to your home's value.

The master bath suite with twin sinks, a tub and shower are found in newer homes. Older homes often add a master bath as a new room or completely remodel an old bathroom. A jetted tub or a barrier-free shower may be added to the new bathroom.

4. Add a room to enlarge your home.

This type of renovation is common in homes where there is space to extend the home into a yard. A room addition increases the square footage of your home which automatically adds to its value. Some renovations include the addition of an entire second floor.

A sunroom developed from a patio area is a prime example of a room addition. You may have space to add an extra bedroom or extend the family room.

5. Exterior improvements add value and curb appeal.

Exterior improvements can be anything from painting your home and improving the landscape to adding a fence. Extending a patio, adding an outdoor kitchen or fire pit to a pool area are exterior improvements that add value.

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