5 New Contractor Tools To Invest In This Year

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Keeping up with the latest technology in the construction industry is one of the best ways to maximize productivity while also creating a safer work environment. Contractor tools are continually evolving and making a significant impact on how general contractors work on the job site. 

Staying up to date with these changes can give you a competitive edge and help your employees work much more efficiently.

Here are the top five new contractor tools to invest in this year.


#1) An Oscillating Multi-Tool

An oscillating multi-tool makes it easy for a general contractor to perform a wide range of jobs for metalworking or woodworking. This innovative tool is highly versatile, whether you need to perform trim cuts, sanding, grout removal, or many other tasks. 

Always having an oscillating multi-tool with you on a job site reduces the need for purchasing standalone tools, which saves you time and plenty of money in the long-term.


#2) CNC Router

A computer numerical control (CNC) router is one of the best tools available for high-precision cuts on wood, plastic, and metal. A CNC router sets itself apart from other tools by using an automated mechanism for the most accurate cuts. 

Using a CNC router is one of the best ways to improve productivity and is much more superior compared to using fixed-base routers. You can efficiently perform high-volume work with a CNC router while also minimizing the wastage of material. 

Ultimately, a CNC is an excellent way to boost productivity and save yourself money.


#3) Construction Drones

Drones continue to grow in popularity and are one of the most advanced contractor tools available. Construction drones give building contractors the freedom to visibly inspect hard to reach areas with advanced cameras. 

These drones can also perform many different tasks, such as helping to create site plans, model renderings, contour maps, and much more. You can also upload all of the images on the cloud for you to review at any time. 

The use of construction drones makes the job of a general contractor that much more comfortable, and this technology will only continue to get better.


#4) Smart Clothing

Focusing on safety is essential for each job site. An injury can shut down your entire operations while also damaging the reputation of your business. One of the best ways to improve safety on the job is to invest in smart clothing for your employees. 

This type of personal protective equipment can perform a variety of tasks, such as causing gloves to change colors if a worker is exposed to a toxic substance. A worker can also program smart clothing to heat or cool their body while working on a job site. 

Smart clothing can also be used in many other ways, as it creates a much more comfortable and safer environment for each worker.


#5) Line Laser Level

One of the best ways to find accurate measurements is to use a line laser level. This device is easy to set up, as you only need to mount it on a stand for it to project a ray of light horizontally and vertically. 

A line laser level is the best choice for maintaining accuracy over long distances, as you can also use a self-leveling model that performs most of the work autonomously. 

Using a line laser level saves you much time and is a superior option compared to using a traditional spirit level.


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