Alco Customer Testimonial: Mike's Old Home Renovation


Meet Mike!

Meet Mike, a homeowner in Miami, Florida. He first discovered Alco Windows and Doors through a friend who previously hired our impact product company. 

Mike's friend had high praises for Alco Windows and Doors, exclaiming his delight with the work completed on his own home.

As with all of our customers, we aimed to provide the same experience for Mike. Learn more about his challenges and how Alco crafted a positive home renovation experience.


The Problem

Three years prior, Mike purchased his home, knowing it was a fixer-upper. Previous owners had built the house in 1950, so you can imagine the windows and doors were a bit outdated. 

Mike also lives in an area susceptible to damaging winds and severe storms. It was important for Mike to upgrade to impact products.


Mike Home Renovations

How Alco Windows and Doors Helped

After understanding Mike's challenges, Alco's sales team discussed critical components of the home installation project, including: 


1) Product Options 

There were many impact window and door options available such as tint, UV protection (Low-E), and custom color and finishes.


Ultimately, Alco shared our recommendation for what products and manufacturer would best meet Mike's specifications.


2) A Project Timeline 

We shared the expected start and finish dates and when our installers would be present at Mike's home.


3) A Detailed Project Quote

Our team provided Mike with a quote for the impact windows and doors at the time of his inspection. This document was a detailed cost breakdown and provided more of his manufacturer's specifications. 

We also discussed our available financing options through our lending partners.


Our Mission

Our mission is to install excellent home enhancement impact products for all our valued customers. Alco makes this possible by providing best-in-class services at cost-effective prices - all while maintaining our commitment to stay transparent with our customers. This commitment continued when working with Mike and his family.

Learn more about the Alco Way by reading our Sales and Service Philosophy.


Mikes Home Final

The Results

Our Miami impact product installer contacted Mike six months after installing his impact windows and doors. Like all of our home installations, we wanted to ensure he was 100% satisfied with our products and services.

Here's what Mike had to say about the results.

"Since we've had the windows and doors installed, we get nothing but compliments from our neighbors and all our guests." Mike went on to say, "Based on the positive experience that I've had with Alco Windows and Doors, I would highly recommend using them."

Mike is a man of his word, as he has referred Alco to neighbors in his Miami community. 


Alco Helped Mike. We Can Help You!

It's no secret that homeowners don't think much about their windows and doors. There are other areas of our home that receive more love and attention. But keep in mind, the right products can represent a permanent solution in protecting those more cared for areas. 

Not only do impact products help protect your home from severe weather, but they also act as a barrier to noise, AC leakage, and invasions. It is no wonder these installations are growing in popularity.

Learn more about the benefits of impact windows and doors with these helpful resources:

For 30+ years, our team has helped hundreds of homeowners like Mike – and we can help you too! Alco serves local communities in Palm Beach County, Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Monroe County.

For more information about Alco Windows and Doors, or to receive a free estimate, contact our team by calling 303-376-7205.

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