Anatomy of a Quality Impact Window Purchase


Impact windows can help protect your home from damage and improve energy efficiency ratings. This can result in significant savings on your monthly utility costs. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right windows for your home, as all are not created equal. Let's take a look at the material choices you'll commonly see, as well as manufacturers who have a reputation for making quality impact windows.

Materials used in Impact Windows

  • Laminated Impact Resistant Glass -- This type of glass has two separate layers with a bonding agent between them. There are several benefits of this material: 
    • The thickness increases strength dramatically which adds to the security your home.
    • Your home will be quieter because less noise is transmitted to the interior.
    • UV rays entering through the windows are reduced up to 99 percent.
    • Heating and cooling costs are reduced throughout the year.   
  • Insulated Laminated Glass  -- There is an extra pane of glass with the center being gas-filled. Homes in colder climates can benefit more from the extra temperature control benefit.  
  • Glass Tints --  Tinted glass is a good solution to reduce energy costs on a budget. Heat entering your home is reduced because solar radiation is absorbed. A green or blue tint will let in more light and a grey or bronze will block more light, but improve energy efficiency.
  • Low E Glass Coatings -- This coating is applied to the inner side of the glass.  Heat energy is reflected back out toward the source like a mirror.  The cost is higher for this option, so you might want go check the budget before agreeing to it.       

In southern Florida, insulated glass is not necessary, especially if you working with a budget.  However, there are energy efficiency benefits if you can afford the initial investment.  A better choice for most people is either Low E or tinted glass.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Impact Window Manufacturers

In addition to studying the materials that make up each potential impact window purchase, it's also important to see who created the product. Here are the top manufacturers Alco Windows and Doors recommends and regularly does business with:

  1. CGI Windows - This company has a proven track record since 1992. Residential and commercial windows are offered to home and business owners with the emphasis on durability and performance. Many professional buildings in South Florida have installed CGI impact windows. A large selection of styles are available.
  2. Mr. Glass - All styles of impact windows are offered by Mr. Glass including single hung, casement, horizontal rolling, and fixed window. The company is located in Miami and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. A leading manufacturer of hurricane-resistant windows, Mr. Glass takes great pride in their products.
  3. PGT Windows and Doors -- Vinyl and aluminum hurricane-resistant windows are offered with the emphasis on toughness. Their windows have UV protection and innovative designs to compliment the toughness.  Another benefit is significant noise reduction. An above average warranty is offered from PGT as another feature to consider.

Choosing the Right Impact Window Installer

One of the most important decisions you will make when finalizing your purchase is the company you choose to install and service your new windows. Consider contacting Alco Windows and Doors in the South Florida area. They provide the highest quality hurricane impact windows Miami has to offer, at competitive prices. Take a look at their options to keep your home looking beautiful while increasing your level of safety.

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