Can Impact Windows Be Repaired?

The advent of air conditioning might have been what made Florida and other Southern states attractive places to live, but it was the advent of impact windows and other strengthened building materials that made homes safer.

During the storm seasons, heavy winds, tornados, and hurricanes frequently pick up man-made and natural debris and send it flinging at our homes. Impact windows feature high-impact glass that is more resistant and better capable of holding up both to initial wind gusts and those flying projectiles. By doing so, they prevent debris from harming occupants and interior furnishings. Impact windows also help prevent against wind intrusion coming in and causing an upward pressure that forces the roof from a home.

But for as strong and capable as impact windows are, they can become cracked or broken following a particularly bad natural disaster. In addition, something unpredictable might happen, such as a fallen tree or errant golf ball, to cause damage to your investment. The good news is that yes, impact windows can be repaired. But that repair or replacement should be done as soon as possible.


Steps to Repairing Impact Windows

It's a good idea to do a walkaround inspection of your whole home following any heavy storm. Should you find any impact window that has cracks or other visible signs of damage, the first step is to document everything by taking pictures of the damage from every angle.

If the windows were recently installed, then they may still be under warranty by either the manufacturer or the installation group. All you need to do is send pictures of the damage and set a date for repair or replacement. If there's any damage to the frame itself, then there will need to be a full replacement of the whole unit, whereas damages to just the glass require a simple and easy glass swap.

To replace the glass in an impact window, a technician will start by using specialized tools to deglaze or remove the adhesives that have set the glass into the frame. They will then remove the damaged impact glass and ensure any shards are removed. A new, intact piece of laminated glass of the same measurements will then be securely fitted and properly adhered to prevent slippage or air leaks.

Most importantly, remember to keep an organized file handy to keep all your purchase documentation in one place. When it comes time to check your warranties to see what is covered for any damages, you’ll have everything you need to expedite the repair/replacement process.


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