Caught in a Hurricane? Use These 5 Safety Tips Immediately!

While it’s always best to be prepared before a hurricane approaches your home, there are several last-minute safety steps a homeowner can take immediately before or even during a hurricane. Today, we’ll discuss five actions you can rush through in 15 minutes - should you find yourself ill-prepared and facing a storm!

1) Secure Doors, Windows, & Loose Objects

Doors and windows need to be secured as thoroughly as you can manage in a timely manner. If you have a bit more time, try to get anything that a storm could turn into a dangerous projectile locked down and secured - both inside and outside your home.

You may also want to close all interior doors as well - just to be safe. If your home exterior is breached, closed doors can prevent that damage from spreading further.


2) Disconnect Electricity

If there’s a threat of flooding, you’ll want to avoid the risk of electrocution, damaged electrical systems, or even an electrical fire by turning off the electricity for the at-risk area. That means flipping individual breakers or turning off the main switch.

Turning off power should only be done if there’s a risk of flooding.


3) Assemble an Emergency Kit

You’ll want to grab your hurricane safety kit if you have one, or throw one together in a hurry if you don’t. Getting caught riding out the storm with zero food, water, or other necessities can be quite ugly. At a bare minimum, a hurricane emergency kit should include food, water, a hand-crank radio or phone charger to keep you informed, and any medications you may need.

A robust kit will include much more, but those items should be a high priority if you’re short on time.


4) Use News Sources to Stay Informed

Check in on the news about the hurricane early on, lest you miss evacuation warnings, flood alerts, road closures, and other information that could become critical in an emergency. Your last-minute preparation for a hurricane might end up being loading the car and getting out, if the storm is bad enough.


5) Take refuge in a Sturdy, Interior Room

The best action you can take for your safety and the safety of your family, once all else is handled, is finding a secure interior room without windows to ride out the storm. Once a safe space is identified, prepare a room for comfort by bringing in chairs or television if time allows.

A reliable room for hurricane safety is windowless, protected by other rooms around it, and not likely to flood. If your home doesn’t have a room like this, evacuation may be necessary, unless you have high grade impact windows and doors installed.  

Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late – Consider Impact Windows & Doors

Fifteen minutes of preparation is better than none at all - but if you can avoid limiting yourself to little preparation time you’ll be much better off. When it comes to preparing your home to face the fury of a hurricane, being proactive instead of reactive is key.

If you really want to secure your home, protect your property, and keep your family safe from the weather, you’re going to want to storm-proof your home in advance. That means installing impact doors and windows, keeping your roof and walls well-maintained, and checking up on your drainage systems. It’s worth the investment of time and money—for peace of mind, safety, and long-term savings.

Contact Alco today for a friendly and informative partner in planning your next safety project. 

Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

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