5 Ways Commercial Contractors Can Fuel Long Term Growth

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The commercial construction industry is highly competitive, as hiring the right people for the job is essential for the long-term success of your company. However, finding the best employees isn't always an easy task for general contractors. 

A high employee turnover rate and the difficultly in finding talented workers are a few of the significant obstacles that general contractors are facing in the construction industry. Many times an employee will look to find work elsewhere because of job dissatisfaction, conflict with upper management, insufficient pay, or due to feeling emotionally exhausted. 

Understanding ways to counteract these common problems is essential to the long-term growth of your company.

Here are five ways commercial contractors can fuel long-term growth and success.


#1) Hire People that Match Your Workplace Culture

An essential step in finding the right person for the job is to ensure they are an excellent cultural fit for your company. Merely looking for talented workers is the wrong mindset and can lead to many regrets. 

In-person interviews and behavior-based testing is a great way to determine if a potential job candidate is the right fit for your organization. 

An experienced hiring manager can often determine which applicants are most likely to stay with you long-term and help you make the best hire for the job.


#2) Develop a Mentorship Program

Creating a mentorship program is an excellent way to retain employees and create a positive work environment. A mentorship program can play a crucial role in helping new employees feel comfortable while learning on the job. 

Veteran employees can help train new workers on how to handle various tasks while also building relationships that can last a lifetime. Ultimately, a mentorship program is a great way to develop a healthy workplace culture and maximize productivity for new employees.


#3) Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

One of the top reasons for employee turnover is due to the lack of competitive pay and benefits. Researching competitive pay in your market is essential in creating an attractive job opportunity for potential employees. 

Offering competitive pay is also a great way to build the reputation of your company and allow you to find the best available workers. Offering benefits can also give you an edge over your competition and make it much more likely for employees to stay with your business for the long-term.


#4) Frequently Check-In with Employees

Commercial contractors need to frequently check-in with their employees to get a feel of the workplace culture. One of the best ways to improve and create a positive environment is to make employees comfortable in providing feedback and reaching out to supervisors if they encounter any issues. 

An open environment makes it much easier to find ways to improve and avoid a small problem from developing into a much larger issue. Always listening to the concerns of each employee also makes them feel valued and is a great way to reduce any areas of frustration.


#5) Provide Praise and Recognize Hard Work

Taking the extra time to give employees praise and recognize their hard work is essential to the long-term success of your company. Each person wants to feel like their work matters and that they are helping your company succeed. 

Praising hard work and recognizing their effort is a great way to help employees feel that they are valued. You can also set up reward programs for reaching specific goals, such as practicing safe working habits. These small incentives can play a significant role in helping your employees become even more successful.


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