Considering Window Repair in Miami? Explore This Alternative First

When your windows are leaky, foggy, broken, or otherwise not performing their intended purpose, you may be wondering whether to arrange glass repair or order replacements. When replacing your windows in Miami, there’s a lot to consider, including the benefits of upgrading to impact windows.

But, based on cost, window repair in Miami seems to be the likely avenue for most homeowners. With new windows costing around $600 per window or more, an entire house of new windows can cost you several thousand dollars. However, in some cases, your windows’ condition may be beyond repair, and the only long-term solution you have is to look for replacement windows.

The Importance of Strong Windows in Miami

Miami is known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but it also experiences tropical storms and catastrophic hurricanes. South Florida has experienced many devastating hurricanes, from Katrina to the recent Hurricane Irma. In 2004 alone, Miami-Dade County was hit by four consecutive hurricanes, affecting the whole population.

Since Miami is prone to hurricane weather and strong winds, the impact windows can help to prevent the damage caused by strong winds and flying debris. Flying debris can shatter your windows and doors, and for that reason, glass strength matters when buying impact windows in Miami. It’s vital to have impact glass windows for both commercial and residential areas. Homeowners can also use Hurricane windows in other critical areas such as balconies, curtain walls, and storefronts.

When Window Repair Is a Good Idea

It’s sometimes possible to repair a window instead of replacing it. Consider all the factors when deciding, such as the cost and the severity of the damage. If your window’s problem is minor, a repair might be the best option. Here are some of the instances when you should consider window repair in Miami:

1) Cracked or Broken Glass

The most evident instance of window damage is when a pane gets broken. Stray baseballs, flying debris, or harsh storms often cause this damage. Whether it’s a hole, chip, or crack, this is the type of damage that calls for immediate window repair services. When it's only glass with damage, you don’t need to replace the entire glass window. If the window is well-maintained, a simple repair would be the best option.

2) Minor Water Leakage

When you detect water near the window area, it could be coming from around the window. This issue could be due to poor draining gutters and drain pipes that force water towards the window. In this case, you can repair your drainage system and see if it makes a difference.

3) Poor Exterior Window Casing

The loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior casing is unappealing and can lead to more damage if not repaired well in advance. Damaged casing alone doesn’t call for window replacement. If you detect this problem, try to fix it as soon as possible. You can have a professional remove the existing casing and replace it with a new one.

Stuck Sashes

Most older windows experience the problem of lower or upper sashes failing to move. This problem could be due to multiple layers of paint joining the sash, or the sash might have come off track. Make sure to fix this problem as soon as you identify it.

When You Should Consider Replacement Windows

How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Here’s what to be on the lookout for:

1) Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

If If a previous company didn’t install your windows properly, they will eventually have imbalance issues. This makes it challenging to open and close your windows, which can put your home security at risk. When you notice this problem, know it’s time to start shopping for replacement windows.

2) Foggy Windows

If you notice water condensing between the layers of the glass window, chances are your seals are ineffective. When the seals fail, any gas used to insulate the window evaporates. A cracked or broken glass also allows additional air to leak in and out of your window. Replacing your windows is the best option if you want to reduce your energy bills.

3) Chipped Window Frames  

If your window frames are chipped and feel soft to the touch, it’s a sign that they’re already beyond repair. This sign indicates rot and water infiltration, making them start to sag - if they aren’t already!


4) You Just Survived a Severe Storm

Miami is a hurricane-prone area, and you should be prepared for the possibility of damaged windows, especially if you live near the coast. Hurricane safety should be your top priority. If you worry about the effects of tropical storms and strong winds, consider upgrading to integrity windows made of laminated and tempered glass.

5) Your Home Needs an Update

Installing windows that match or enhance your home's aesthetics is essential. Consider replacement windows if you want to improve the curb appeal of your home.

6) You’re Renovating a Historic Home

The wrong window can interfere with the integrity of a historic home. If you’ve moved into a historic home and your goal is to install historically accurate replacement windows, make sure to contact a company that handles custom requests.

Why Upgrade to Impact Windows?

While glass repair and replacement in Miami can be an effective way to prevent damage from strong winds and rising waters, upgrading your windows to endure 200-mph gusts will give you even more peace of mind. Impact windows will offer you the ultimate hurricane protection you desire. In addition to storm protection benefits, here are more reasons why you should upgrade to impact windows in Miami:

  • Enhanced curb appeal: Impact windows improve the aesthetics of your home while still offering the best protection. You can pick from different sizes, shapes, and materials to match your exterior design.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Impact windows are designed to prevent hot air from entering your home during summer and AC leakage during winter. This feature helps to lower your energy expenses.
  • Increased security: Impact-resistant windows and doors protect from break-ins due to their robust design. It takes lots of time and energy to break through these glasses, which usually discourages intruders.
  • Help in soundproofing: Impact windows have extra thick, layered glass that insulate your home from outside noise.
  • UV Rays protection: Impact windows provide an effective way to limit UV rays from entering your home. This benefit protects your interiors from fading.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Investing in impact windows in Miami helps you to reduce insurance premiums. Many insurance companies in South Florida offer discounts to homeowners who install hurricane windows and doors in their homes.

When You Need Replacement Windows, Choose Alco!

We pride ourselves on the best impact window replacement and installation services in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties at Alco Windows and Doors. Our Alco way of offering services guarantees peace of mind and assurance of perfectly done work.

We’re the best installers of impact products, including:

  • Windows
  • Entry doors
  • Garage doors
  • Custom-size projects

If you’re considering window repair in Miami-Dade County, contact Alco experts today. Our team members will offer professional advice on your options and provide quotes if necessary.

Also, don’t let price prevent you from replacing your windows in Miami. Choose from several financing options to help you with your purchase of impact windows and doors.




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