Financing Impact Window Replacement

Impact windows are part of building codes for new construction in South Florida, including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach areas. If you are building a new home in these areas, impact glass is most likely included in the total cost.

If you are remodeling a home or repairing storm damage, it is important to consider the installation of impact windows. These windows with multi-layer glazing are designed to repel or resist high winds and flying objects. In addition, they are energy efficient in holding in cool air and controlling humidity. Tightly sealed impact windows hold in air pressure during tropical storms.

Impact windows are more expensive than regular windows that can crack when hit by high winds and heavy objects. This is the only negative. You will pay more for the best protection.


Financing is available through the YGrene program that encourages energy efficiency and safety. The YGrene program will finance up to 100% of the cost of new windows based on your home equity. This is part of the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.

No down payment is required and payments may not be due for a year after the loan is approved. Repayment can be made with your property taxes. Financing does not require a minimum FICO mortgage score.

In addition, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts for homes and commercial buildings with impact windows. Since impact windows are energy-efficient, you will save on your cooling and heating costs.

The need for temporary storm shutters is eliminated with impact windows. The windows protect your home in all weather conditions and they reduce outdoor noise.

Year-round protection

This is a storm protection upgrade for your home to shield it during hurricane season in South Florida. Impact windows are designed to withstand winds up to 200 mph. Hurricane Irma hit Florida in early September 2017 with sustained winds of 130 mph. Flying debris cracked and shattered windows in many homes that did not have impact glass. Other buildings survived the high winds and pounding rains with their impact windows unharmed.

Impact windows and doors also protect your home from airborne objects such as rocks or a stray baseball or soccer ball. They provide extra security for street-level businesses.

Professional installation

Impact windows must be installed by professionals who use the best sealants and weatherstripping for the aluminum frames. This prevents cooled air from leaking out and warm air and rainwater from leaking into a room.

Alco Windows and Doors in Miami, a YGrene certified company, takes pride in our installation and service. We work with all window sizes, including windows that may have to be customized to fit different openings.

We have a small team of professional installers and we do not subcontract our services. This is more economical for our customers.

Schedule an appointment with Alco to discuss upgrading your home with impact windows that will save energy and offer the best protection for your family.

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