Glass Garage Doors? It’s Possible (and safe) With Impact Glass


Garage doors play a key role in keeping your vehicles safe while also impacting the visual appeal of your home. One way to further enhance the appearance of your home is to invest in a glass garage door.

These impact glass panels give you state of the art protection against powerful hurricane-force winds while also protecting you against burglaries. You can also choose from a wide range of glass garage doors for a truly unique style.


Alco Impact Window SketchHow Impact Glass Works

Impact glass garage doors provide your home with the ultimate protection from flying projectiles due to their innovative design. Impact glass options differ from traditional glass by using a clear interlayer of heat-strengthened PVB or SGP to prevent the glass from shattering into your home.

This glass film is five times stronger than traditional glass, which is especially important in South Florida.

An impact glass garage door also must undergo a series of tests to ensure it can hold up against hurricane-force winds. Each glass garage door will receive a WindCode rating that ranges from W-1 to W-9, as a higher number results in stronger glass panels.

Knowing your evacuation zone in Florida can help you determine which rating you need to ensure your stay in compliance with local guidelines.


Glass Garage Door

The Beauty of Glass Garage Doors

One of the biggest selling points of a glass garage door is its unique appearance. Glass garage doors haven't been around for a long time, which makes them a popular choice for anyone wanting to give their home an updated appearance. You can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your Florida home by simply investing in a glass garage door.

Fusing indoor and outdoor spaces has never been easier by renovating your garage with glass panels. Opening up your garage space gives you the flexibility to convert it into an office space or a home gym. All of the natural light will make your garage door a much more pleasant area of your home. You will also never have to worry about painting your garage again by upgrading to impact glass doors.


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Additional Benefits of Impact Products

Glass garage doors are an excellent long-term investment for many homeowners. A glass garage door doesn't only look great, but it also offers a wide range of benefits for anyone living in South Florida. 

Here are a few of the top benefits of installing a glass garage door.


Best Protection Against Hurricanes

Hurricanes are an all too common problem for anyone living in South Florida. However, impact glass panels give you the best protection against flying debris and projectiles. You will have peace of mind knowing that impact glass can withstand the impact of a category five hurricane.


2) Energy Savings

Another reason to consider a glass garage door is that it can lower your utility bill each month. The thick layer material of the impact glass filters out UV rays while also helping your home stay cool during the summer months. These cost savings can add up each month on your electric bill.


3) Reduction in Outside Noise

Impact glass doors can also play a key role in reducing outside noise. Multi-layered impact glass is especially beneficial if you live by noisy neighbors or a busy highway. Impact glass can help you relax in your home without dealing with constant noisy interruptions.


4) Enhanced Safety

A glass garage door without impact glass would be a major safety risk in many places. However, impact glass gives you an additional layer of protection against break-ins, as criminals are more likely to focus on an easier target. You can relax in your home while knowing impact glass gives you and your family much-needed security.


4) Lower Home Insurance

Investing in impact glass throughout your home can often help you lower your insurance premium. These savings can result in thousands of dollars each year. It's always a good idea to reach out to your insurance providers once your glass garage door installation is complete.


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Beautiful Garage Spaces Start With Quality Installers

Alco Windows and Doors has over three decades worth of combined experience in the impact glass industry. Our installers will ensure you are more than satisfied with your glass garage door with our 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantee. You can also choose from a variety of financing options available.

Our team members are more than happy to answer any of your questions and discuss the many benefits of installing a glass garage door. You can also check out our glass options up close with a personalized tour at our glass manufacturer. We also have more than 200 5-star reviews, as we strive to always keep our clients well-satisfied.

Send Alco Windows and Doors a message or give us a phone call today to learn more about installing glass garage doors for your home!

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