Hiring an Impact Windows Installer in Hialeah? Ask These 5 Questions!

Choosing a quality impact window installer in Hialeah, FL, is as important as choosing the windows themselves. The right installer can mean the difference between an affordable, quality project and a disastrous experience.

When looking for the right option, take the time to ask the right questions!


Why Purchase Impact Windows?

Florida regularly experiences hurricanes, tropical storms, and general storms with strong winds. As severe weather increases in frequency across South Florida, the need for installing impact-resistant windows and doors becomes even more important.

Choosing to purchase impact-resistant windows and doors for your home or business is one of the best investments you can make. Impact windows undergo rigorous testing and focus on a design that keeps your home safe during severe weather events.

Impact windows help prevent the infiltration of flying debris during strong winds, thereby protecting a home or business from severe damage. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, impact-resistant windows also come with a wide range of ancillary benefits, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Insurance premium discounts
  • Exterior sound reduction
  • UV ray filtration
  • An overall enhanced curb appeal.


What to Look for in an Impact Window Installer

When you’re ready to begin the impact window installation process, don’t rush into signing a contract until you’ve vetted multiple companies! That means asking the RIGHT questions before committing to one option. 

To help in your search for a reputable impact window installer in Hialeah, FL, we’ve compiled a list of starter questions to ask during your initial contact with an impact window installer.

We also offer a list of questions you NEED to ask when vetting options during consultations. Download the FREE guide HERE or click the image below!


Questions for Installers


Question #1: Is Your Company Licensed and Certified to Complete the Work You’re Quoting?

The most critical step is ensuring an impact window installer holds the right credentials and qualifications for the project. Credentials show their degree of knowledge, competence, and commitment to their work. 

Working with a certified impact window installer gives you peace of mind that the installation will be done with expertise and according to your specifications.

Also, find out whether your impact window installer in Hialeah, FL, is licensed. Be sure to ask for visual proof before getting into any agreement and check with your local licensing authority for details.


Question #2: What Is Your Experience With Impact Window Installations?

Choose an installer with a solid background in impact window installations. Impact windows can be more complex than traditional windows, so it’s vital to work with an installer with experience in impact projects. 

You can ask for a list of references and get reviews from previous customers or find more detailed reviews on the internet. The reviews will also help you find out the installer’s history of handling issues that often arise during an installation.

Find out how long the installer has been in business. A company that has been in operation for a long time is usually better. Less than three years may indicate an inexperienced installer. However, everybody must begin somewhere. References will come in handy, mainly when dealing with a new business.


Question #3: How Do You Protect My Family and Property During the Installation Process?

Installing impact windows can be messy and risky, so it’s essential to work with an installer that aims to protect your family and property. Find out which safety measures the company has in place to protect its workers, your family, and your property. Information such as getting to know what the installer covers dural post-project cleanup is vital.

You need to find out if the company carries insurance before you start any installation job. The installer you pick should have comprehensive liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in case of an accident. You can ask to see the installer’s certificates of insurance before the job starts.

Don’t compromise quality for the price. Companies without insurance will most likely be cheaper to hire as they don’t have the huge insurance premiums to pay. Some of the reasons why an installer may fail to carry insurance include:

  • They are not a full-time installation business.
  • It’s a start-up business with little to no employees.
  • The company can’t afford to pay for insurance premiums.
  • Doesn’t stand behind work


Question #4: What’s Your Workmanship Warranty?

Your Hialeah impact window installer should back up their work. The warranty period is not important if the company lacks the ability and willingness to stand behind its work. In this case, customer referrals will help you determine whether the company performed as per the agreement. 

A professional impact window installer will not hesitate to provide guarantees on their services and products. Even if a problem arises after the warranty has expired, a reliable installer will not fail to stand behind their work.

On the other hand, the manufacturer should also warrant the windows against defects in manufacturing. Ensure you get a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty relating to the specific impact products you are considering. Learn more about how impact windows are rated to help you make the right choice.


Question #5: What Is Your Installation Schedule?

If you want your impact windows and doors installed on time, find out how your installer schedules their practices and how they meet deadlines. Delays in installation affect the quality of work overall! 

While start and stop dates can be challenging to set due to weather uncertainties, you can agree on a “no-later-than” clause and offer an award for completion if early completion is essential.


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