How Fortifi Financing Can Help You Upgrade to Impact Windows and Doors

According to a recent survey, 4 in 10 homeowners (39%) have postponed conducting home renovations because of the challenges of financing home improvements. If you do not have savings set aside for home services projects such as upgrading to impact windows and doors, consider FortiFi

FortiFi promises to remove the barriers to financing various residential improvement projects. This partner can provide many South Florida property owners with the peace of mind needed to move forward.

Alco Windows and Doors, an impact windows and doors installer, provides a comprehensive overview of this financing option below.


Why Invest in Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors serve homeowners various benefits. The most obvious and appealing advantages for South Florida residents are their protective nature against hurricanes and other severe storms.

For context, hurricane impact windows come assembled with several layers of laminated glass. In contrast, traditional, non-impact windows feature only one to two panels of glass. Additionally, impact doors feature specialized polyurethane foam cores, reinforced hinges, and sturdy door frames. Homeowners can rest assured their entryways will not be broken or damaged under any circumstances.

Because impact windows and doors come from these heavy-duty materials, they provide property owners with other advantages in addition to storm-proofing. These include saved energy costs, heightened home security, enhanced curb appeal, and increased noise reduction.



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Who is FortiFi?

FortiFi understands the obstacles that traditionally come with financing impact windows and doors.

The mission behind FortiFi is to provide transparent and cost-effective financing options for property owners.

They aim to remove these hurdles to provide a smooth process for South Florida homeowners looking to make renewable energy, hurricane protection improvements.

Eligible home protection improvement projects include:

  • High-impact windows and doors
  • Roof-to-wall reinforcement
  • Storm shutters and garage doors
  • Wind-resistant roofing
  • Fire-resistant roofing
  • Seismic retrofits
  • Foundation strengthening

FortiFi headquarters out of Los Angeles, California. They currently offer Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to communities in both California and Florida.

The PACE program is perfect for homeowners in search of long-term, low-interest loans when upgrading their properties. The result is increased savings, peace of mind, and time to pay for the renovation.



How Funding Works

Funding IllustrationPACE financing provided by FortiFi is a no-hassle way to pay for home improvements that make your property more protected from severe storms. 

Property owners need to follow three simple steps. Our impact windows and doors company outlines these below.

  • Step One: Apply for a loan on the FortiFi website or by phone. When applying, there are no fee or FICO requirements.
  • Step Two: If your application is approved, FortiFi asks customers to complete further financing documents before starting their home upgrade project.
  • Step Three: Your project is ready for kick-off. FortiFi will only pay the contractor when you are 100% satisfied with their work.

This quick and easy application process means you can get approved for financing on the same day. Lack of resources and time to save money will no longer be reasons to halt upgrading your windows and doors.

An exciting aspect about FortiFi is that homeowners are not personally borrowing money from this lending company - your house is. Their program allows your property costs to spread out over terms of up to 30 years. The money is repaid through your property tax bill over time.

Additionally, interest payments may be tax-deductible, so consult your tax advisor to see if you qualify for potential benefits.



Benefits of FortiFi

BenefitsFortiFi offers South Florida property owners many benefits in choosing their organization as a lending partner. To begin, they offer 100% financing with no money down to improve and upgrade residential properties.

Homeowners can use Their program for energy efficiency, storm protection, water conservation, and other types of projects.

Secondly, approval for financing is not dependent on your credit score. Instead, eligibility weighs factors such as:

  • Home equity
  • Household income
  • Product eligibility
  • Debt payment history

Homeowners have the option to finance as much as 20% of their property value. This amount can be as high as $250K. As previously mentioned, FortiFi allows customers to repay over time as part of their property taxes. Plus, you do not have to make a payment for up to 17 months.

FortiFi is also backed by positive customer reviews, with one homeowner saying

"We will be using FortiFi again for our next energy-efficiency project. It's been an all-around pleasant experience."



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Explore All The Options for Upgrading Your Home

Everyone loves options. And lucky for South Florida homeowners, there are several different financing options available when upgrading to impact windows and doors. Take the time to explore what partner is right for your unique needs and budget.

To learn more about financing options for impact windows and doors, read Alco’s Financing Guide.

We also have various resources on different lending partners such as:


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