Hurricane Windows in Miami Should Be a Necessity. Here’s Why.

Miami experiences severe storms too often. This reality means residents in this area should take extra precautions with their homes, and one of the best protections is installing hurricane windows and doors.

Hurricane-force winds can cause severe damage to homes and properties, often destroying windows and doors, letting flying debris inside, or moving them away from their foundations. Florida’s Building Code requires residents to use impact windows or exterior protection when building or remodeling homes that sit within one mile of the coastal area and receive winds more than 100 mph.

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Certain counties like Miami-Dade and cities like Fort Lauderdale have even tighter requirements for their homes. All structures must meet all High-Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements irrespective of how far inland the home or business.

If you’re planning to replace or install hurricane windows and doors in Miami, ensure you get the right type to meet your county requirements. Focusing on hurricane protection for your home is a top priority.


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Is Severe Weather Increasing in Miami?

Hurricanes can be devastating, both to the economic and social environments of a region. The threat of hurricanes is evident for Miami residents during the hurricane season, which occurs from June through November. Located along the coastline, Miami often experiences severe storms.

The waters in the equatorial Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico get warm and start forming tropical waves in mid-August. These waves cause intense storms and winds around the coastline that continues until late October. Studies have shown that in the past few years, hurricanes in Florida have become stronger and deadlier.  

Global warming is also a contributing factor to the frequent tropical storms in Miami. A recent study shows that Miami is among the top cities vulnerable to sea-level rise globally. However, Miami has put several efforts towards storm preparedness since the catastrophic Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992.


The Future of Miami Home Protection

Hurricane impact windows and doors are the future of Miami home protection. They play a vital role in protecting your home from severe storms. Installing hurricane windows in Miami is a wise investment to keep your family safe and improve your home's value.


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Why Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane windows are a type of window engineered to be much stronger and more durable than standard glass windows. A single hurricane window is made with several layers of laminated glass, which helps to resist shattering. 

Unlike a standard glass window, it will break into fewer and more-dull pieces if a hurricane window is compromised. Hurricane windows undergo rigorous testing to ensure they live up to their name.

Hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand conditions present during a Category 5 hurricane, including winds up to 200 mph, flying debris, and heavy hail. Recommended for homes in hurricane and storm-prone regions, homeowners in Miami and throughout South Florida are often better off installing hurricane windows because of the investment that they offer in the long run.

Installing impact windows represents a permanent solution to the ever-present problem of dangerous weather by protecting your house with long-lasting armor that is both stylish and strong.


Additional Benefits of Hurricane Glass

In addition to their ability to provide the best hurricane protection, hurricane glass windows offer more advantages for your properties. They include:


1) Improved Energy Efficiency

Hurricane impact windows don’t just protect your home with their layers of impact-resistant glass. They also offer an insulating effect. Energy-efficient impact hurricane glass helps you minimize energy costs by reducing heat gain in the summer and keeping the heat in your home during the winter season.


2) Increased Home Protection

Hurricane impact glass windows provide security should intruders try to break the glass. Hurricane windows are stress tested and can withstand winds up to 200 mph, making them significantly harder to break. They are virtually break-in proof, and they require a lot of effort to break.


3) Protection Against Ultraviolet (UV) Light

UV light can age and damage valuable interior coverings and degrade artwork, fabrics, and paint over time. Hurricane glass can block up to 99% of UV rays and protect your home’s internal assets.


4) Excellent Noise Reduction

Over the years, impact windows and doors have become more popular even in areas with low occurrences of tropical storms due to their remarkable effect on the outside noise. They comprise of thick laminated hurricane glass and durable framing materials, which reduce external noise by 40%. This feature helps your home feel more comfortable, private, and calm throughout the year.


5) A Discount on Insurance

As insurance premiums in the coastal states keep rising, homeowners in hurricane zones continually hunt for discounts and cost-effective repairs. Investing in hurricane windows in Miami can help you spend less on insurance. 

Many insurance policies in Florida offer discounts to homeowners who add shutters or hurricane glass to every entry point of their house.


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Why Price Shouldn’t Delay Your Upgrade

The initial cost of installing hurricane windows is high, but the investment is well worth the price. Glass strength matters when buying impact windows in Miami. Not all options are equal, and it’s vital to learn the difference before investing.

Some homeowners in Miami may consider other less costly options such as hurricane shutters and insulated glass windows. Alco Windows and Doors experts recommend you avoid insulated glass windows as they don’t offer long-term benefits. 

Insulated windows can seriously depreciate over time, especially for homes and businesses in the warmer parts of the country, such as Miami. Some of the disadvantages of insulated glass windows include:

  • Insulated glass windows attract unnecessary heat
  • The panes of insulated glass trap fog
  • They are hard to repair
  • Insulated glass windows are expensive in the long run

Don’t let the high cost of impact windows delay your upgrade. You can choose from a variety of different financing options to get started.


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Why Choose Alco as Your Next Installer?

Alco Windows and Doors specializes in hurricane-proofing windows and doors across Miami-Dade County. Our team takes pride in providing top-quality installation services to keep your home well-prepared for hurricane season and beyond. The Alco way of offering services ensures both peace of mind and the assurance of an excellent job.

Call Alco today to learn more about the benefits of hurricane windows for your Miami home or business.


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