Impact Windows and Doors Miami Inspiration for 2022

Impact windows and doors in Miami are becoming a necessity for many homeowners. In the thick of hurricane season, there is no better protection than a beautiful home built with shatterproof and impact-resistant materials.  This year's models look more amazing than ever!

Whether it be a sliding glass door or designer fixed windows, there are impact products available for every inch of a home. Even better, these high-quality products improve a home’s curb appeal compared to boarding up windows with plywood.

Need inspiration for impact-resistant windows and doors? We have you covered. In this blog post, our impact installation company in Miami shares our favorite home designs for 2022.


Why Miami Homeowners Need Impact Windows and Doors

Impact windows, also known as coastal windows and hurricane windows, are specifically designed for properties in areas most susceptible to severe storms. Compared to traditional products, impact windows and doors provide an extreme level of protection from flying debris, harsh winds, and more. 

The main difference between impact products and regular windows and doors is the type of material in use. Impact windows and doors are engineered with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in the middle of two outer layers of glass. It is the reason these windows are shatterproof even against full force winds and objects.

Unfortunately, without installing impact products, Miami homeowners are unnecessarily subjected to harm.


New Designs for 2022

If you're putting a significant investment into your home's exterior design, it only makes sense that you want it to look new and updated. But, in the same regard, you don't want to choose an overly trendy design for it to be out of style in a few years. 

It is a delicate balance, but one that Alco Windows and Doors can help navigate. Below are a few options for impact windows and doors that are both modern and timeless.


Mr Glass LogoOptions from Mr. Glass

Mr. Glass is a manufacturer that takes pride in its distinguished craftsmanship. It shines through their materials and fabrication of impact products.

In addition, the team at Mr. Glass is committed to their clients, quality products, and providing impeccable customer service.


Schuco Impact Sliding Door1) Schüco Impact Sliding Doors

The impact glass doors by Mr. Glass are built with highly transparent materials and floor-to-ceiling glazing. As a result, homeowners achieve maximum light penetration while also keeping their homes cool and insulated.

The Schuco Impact Sliding Doors are on trend with 2022 designs, as most homeowners are looking for bright and airy interiors. 


Shuco Impact Windows2) Schüco Impact Windows

This style of casement window benefits Miami homeowners with its thermal insulation. It is made from fabrication-friendly micro cellular rubber with a corner seal.

The makeup of the Schuco Window System AWS 65 also offers a combination of several functions. Homeowners can choose from the following styles, including fixed and outward casement styles.


For more product details and images, view the brochure by Schuco


PGT Windows LogoOptions from PGT

At PGT® Windows + Doors, protecting families is the driving force behind their organization. They build impact windows and doors that are both aesthetically pleasing and reliable to give homeowners the peace of mind they deserve. In fact, PGT® was named one of the top impact-resistant products in the nation. 

All PGT® products are tested regularly. As a result, they are certified and rated by the industry's most attributed organizations, including Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, ENERGY STAR®, Florida Product Approval, and more. 

Their unmatched reputation for quality, performance, and service has helped them earn the trust of builders and families in South Florida.


PGT French Door1) Vinyl Impact French Doors

PGT® offers various product lines, such as the EnergyVue® Preferred French Door (FD5455) and the WinGuard® Vinyl Preferred French Door(FD5555).

The FD5455 incorporates the richness of a wooden door while improving a home's energy efficiency and durability. While the FD555 features the EnergyVue® door including its impact-resistant glass. 

Miami residents can choose from standard or premium options to match their preferred styles. For example, homeowners can benefit from popular features such as:

  • A multi-point locking system provides added strength and security.
  • Matching sidelights and transoms to fill the room with a substantial amount of light. 
  • Popular glass tints and grid styles and patterns.


Visit the Vinyl Impact French Doors product brochure here.


ClassicVue Impact Window2) ClassicVue Impact Windows

The ClassicVue Impact Windows are engineered to last. This line of windows is specifically designed to withstand corrosion from saltwater, heat, light, and moisture exposure.

Better yet, the ClassicVue windows offer homeowners a timeless style that can be custom-made to match any vision. 

Choose from customizable options such as sizes, designs, frame colors, glass tints, and more.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your windows for single hung, horizontal roller, casement, or awning -- the ClassicVue line by PGT® has you covered.


Visit the ClassicVue Impact Windows product brochure here.


The Benefits Don't Stop There...

Alco Impact Window Sketch

Did you know impact windows and doors in Miami serve more of a purpose than protection against hurricanes?

South Florida homeowners reap a multitude of benefits when installing these types of products. 

Additional benefits of hurricane impact windows and doors include:

  • One time installation - no more storm preparation 
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Heightened home security 
  • Reduced noise coming in and out of a home
  • Major insurance reductions
  • Improved curb appeal

To learn more, read our blog post: Impact Door Benefits for Your Property


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Why Choose Alco as Your Impact Windows Installer?

Ready to install impact windows and doors to your home? Alco Windows and Doors is ready to help. We stand by our 3-step promise: protecting your family, protecting your property, and guaranteeing your investment. 

Speaking of investment! No homeowner should have to sacrifice full protection due to lack of funds. Alco offers a handful of financing options to assist in purchasing these products without putting a significant amount down. 

Don’t just take our word for it. We know trust plays a big role in choosing a home services company. When doing your research, skim through our 300+, 5-star reviews. 

To learn more about our services, read our Sales & Service Philosophy or as we like to call it, “The Alco Way.” 


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