Installing Impact Windows Can Improve Your Health. Here's How.

Impact windows are known for their strength and ability to resist hurricanes and other dangerous weather systems. In Miami and other areas where natural disasters can occur, such windows are common. But impact windows can do more than just keep your home safe from storms. These types of windows are also becoming popular in areas that don’t have high-powered storms due to the other advantages they offer homeowners. Impact windows can have a positive effect on your health and offer several benefits that make your life less stressful and more healthy.    

How Impact Windows Can Improve Your Health

Increased Light (Vitamin D): New windows do a better job of blocking out UV rays while allowing in the maximum amount of sunlight. In addition to the psychological benefits more light can offer, exposure to light encourages your body to produce more vitamin D. Vitamin D is associated with healthy bone growth and according to some studies may prevent certain types of cancer, however, testing is ongoing.

Air Quality: New impact windows are easier to open and allow more breezes in than older windows that may not open as well or allow for proper ventilation. Letting more wind into your home can improve your health by helping remove pollen, dust, pet dander, and other irritants. This increased airflow makes your home healthier, can help with allergies, and can reduce that musty odor a shut up home can develop.

Extra Security: Peace of mind can greatly improve your overall mental health and outlook on life. Impact windows not only protect you from storms but also protect from break-ins and make your home safer. Due to their sturdy shatter-resistant design, impact windows are hard to break. This helps prevent burglaries and makes breaking into your home far more difficult than one with traditional windows.

Sound Attenuation: The reduction of noise can make your home more relaxing. Older windows allow more sound in and any neighborhood noise such as children playing or local traffic can come in. This makes for a less relaxing environment and one that can increase stress and disturb your sleep patterns. Impact windows are double-paned and can help block out the noise in your neighborhood. This makes your home quieter and prevents interruptions and distractions from unwanted noise. This is also useful if you suffer from any type of anxiety or stress ailments as the reduction of noise can have a notable impact on your state of mind.  


By installing impact windows you not only improve the quality of your home, it's safety levels, and its value but you also improve your own sense of well-being. The increased safety, light, air flow, and sound reduction can greatly improve your daily quality of life and help reduce several common daily annoyances.  

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