Installing Impact Windows in Miami Lakes? Ask These 5 Questions First!

Hiring an impact window installer in Miami Lakes is an important decision for local homeowners. However, not all window installers come equally equipped to do the job. Spending time researching the best installer is always worth the effort! 

Asking a few questions during the initial outreach (or consultation) can make a big difference in finding the right fit for you! 

Whether it's impact-resistant windows or impact doors, we have a list of essential questions you NEED to ask before any hiring takes place.

If you live in Miami Lakes or the Miami Dade County at large, you've come to the right place to start your next home renovation!


Why Purchase Impact Windows?

Understanding the many benefits of impact-resistant products is vital for residents of South Florida. Impact windows and doors play a crucial role in giving your home the best protection against flying debris from severe storms like hurricanes. 

But the home enhancing features don't stop there! Impact windows also offer other benefits, such as improving your home's energy efficiency and protecting furniture from UV rays. Additionally, you can often lower your insurance premium by installing impact windows and doors throughout your house. 


The unique design of impact windows also significantly decreases outside noise, making it much easier for you and your family to relax. The glass itself undergoes a stringent testing process to withstand significant blunt force impact - providing you reliable protection against break-ins. 

Over time, all these ancillary benefits can add up to significant savings!


An Important Note 😎

It's not enough just to buy any impact window or door at a big box store. Both the ratings and manufacturer matter! Check out our article explaining how to interpret all the ratings when shopping for impact products. 

And don't forget - the experienced consultants at Alco Windows and Doors are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today


What to Look for in An Impact Window Installer

Keeping a few "rules of thumb" in mind is important before hiring an impact window installer in Miami Lakes. Unfortunately, some companies tend to overpromise and underdeliver. Hiring the wrong installer can cost you both unnecessary money and stress. It's vital to choose wisely! 


Some basic steps to take when vetting installers include:

  • Checking out multiple online reviews.
  • Asking for recommendations from friends or family members who had work done on windows and doors.
  • Avoiding ANY installers who demand large cash deposits or pressure you to sign a contract immediately.
  • Ensuring the company uses only the top window manufacturers in the industry. 


Now that you have some steps to take when beginning the research process let's look at what questions to ask the installers you decide to invite for consultations. 


Question #1 - How Many Years of Experience Do You Have as an Impact Window Installer?

Finding an experienced company with an excellent reputation is essential for proper impact-resistant glass installation. A business with minimal experience and little to no recommendations is always a red flag. 


The safest option is to hire an impact window installer with years of experience working in the Miami Lakes area. Hiring an experienced installer with local clout will make the process much smoother. You are more likely to be well-satisfied with the results.


Question #2 - Do You Have the Proper Credentials and Licenses for Installing Impact Windows?

Hiring a contractor with the necessary credentials and licenses is essential in keeping yourself protected (while also compliant with local laws.) 

For example, you WILL be responsible for the cost of additional repairs if the work doesn't meet local building codes. Additionally, if the contractor doesn't have the necessary permits, you're on the hook for any regulatory issues that may arise. Consistently verifying this information beforehand is critical in saving you a lot of stress while keeping hidden costs to a minimum.


Question #3 - What are the Average Costs of Installing Impact Windows?

Understanding the costs associated with impact windows and doors is important BEFORE you sign a contract. Choosing the lowest bid isn't always a wise decision, as sometimes these contractors will take shortcuts to save themselves money. 

Comparing different bids between impact window installers in Miami Lakes, FL, can help you determine the average cost of installing impact-resistant products.


Question #4 - How Long Will It Take to Install Impact Windows?

Constantly dealing with delays on an impact windows and doors installation is a frustrating experience. These delays are always inconvenient, making it nearly impossible for you to make any future plans. 

Working with a contractor who provides clear timelines for contract processing, materials delivery, installation, AND regulatory approvals should be an expectation, not a "bonus" step. 

Additionally, you should expect an open line of communication throughout the process. Issues happen, and having a transparent partner is incredibly important. 

Again, asking for recommendations or looking at online reviews can help you find an installer that prides itself on providing clear timelines and continual communication.


Question #5 - Do You Offer a 100% Satisfaction and a Lifetime Guarantee?

Installing impact windows for your home is a BIG investment towards keeping you safe and your property looking fantastic. A 100% satisfaction promise and a lifetime guarantee should be at the top of your list of wants for an installer.

A lifetime guarantee should cover various situations, such as issues that might arise with waterproofing, home inspection hiccups, and damages that could happen while crews are on-site. Investing in a company focusing on customer satisfaction is critical to ensure you are pleased with the final results.


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