Which Installer Has Top-Notch Impact Windows Miami Reviews?

In South Florida, your hurricane protection products must be Miami-Dade compliant and able to withstand all hurricane categories. Luckily, most sellers and installers abide by these regulations. So when it comes to installers, which should you choose?

Impact windows Miami reviews are so important for the customer, as they help spotlight the most reliable companies. and they can build or break a business. Companies such as Alco Windows and Doors stand out for their high-quality products, dependable service, and long-standing reputation for customer satisfaction.


The Importance of Customer Reviews

Reviews are a valuable asset for any B2C company, and hurricane impact windows and doors installation companies aren’t an exception. With the emergence of many online channels, customers can share their experience with the world in just a few clicks.

Multiple studies and surveys have shown the significance of customer reviews. Studies show that almost all customers use reviews as a primary determining factor before engaging with a business. 

A survey by Fan & Fuel shows that 94% of online customers read reviews before making any buying decisions. According to a survey revealed by BrightLocal, 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, 57% will only consider a business if it has over 4 stars, and 91% of young consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

In addition to building trust and confidence, online reviews increase revenue and impact sales. Customers always search for references and recommendations before deciding to buy a product or service. By doing this, it helps you to gain trust and ignore companies that have a bad reputation.


Where to Look for Impact Window Installation Reviews

Gone are the days when personal recommendations and word-of-mouth referrals were the primary sources of business information. Nowadays, finding impact windows Miami reviews is very easy. You’ll find many reviews not only on the eCommerce websites, but also on social media, blogs, and websites dedicated to customer reviews.

Some of the most popular sites where you can find impact window installation reviews are:

  • Google: Google is the world’s largest search engine. Head here first to find the most genuine impact windows Miami reviews. On Google, any reviews will appear in the search results, so you’re guaranteed to find most of the information you need.
  • Facebook: According to BrightLocal’s studies, Facebook is among the most trusted source of customer reviews in the United States. Although it’s not Google, you can research all kinds of services and products on this social network and be sure to find relevant information about reputable companies who’ve customer reviews on their business pages.
  • Yelp: This is another popular source for customer reviews. Most users visit Yelp because they’ve intentions to make a purchase, and existing users have at least purchased from a business they found on this site. If you need to spend but need a little proof that you’re making the right choice, this is a recommended site you can visit for reviews.
  • Industry-specific sites: Websites in the industry you wish to buy goods or services from are also widely visited. In this case, for impact windows Miami reviews, you should aim to get reviews on sites such as Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, and Houzz.

Having just one place for customer reviews is not enough. Explore as many options as possible to help you make an informed decision.


What People Are Saying About Alco Windows and Doors

Alco Windows and Doors is committed to enriching the community and providing a safe environment for all consumers. We strive to protect your family, your property, and we ensure you get 100% satisfaction by providing a lifetime guarantee that includes waterproofing, screen repair on mesh, and home inspection.

Alco Windows and Doors has a five-star rating on almost all the top customer review sites. Every customer that has tried our services confess to having received great customer experience, highest quality products, quality work, professional services, and competitive pricing that is more affordable compared to other installation companies.

To see more honest consumer reviews about our impact windows and door installation services, open the links below:


Why Choose Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact doors and windows have become the standard requirements when building in and around the South Florida area. After Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, Florida updated their building codes and made it obligatory for all new homes and businesses to be built with impact-resistant materials. So, why are impact windows and doors so important?


Increase your home's Protection and Security

Impact-resistant glass windows and doors keep you safe during tropical storms and hurricanes. Additionally, they prevent burglars from entering your home.


Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Impact windows and doors are designed to minimize the solar heat gain during the summer and retain heat in your home during winter. Studies show that impact windows can reduce annual utility bills by 40%.


reduce exterior Noise

If you live in a busy environment, outside noise can be so distracting and disturbing. Impact windows have an extra-thick, layered glass and super sealed framing that reduces the amount of noise getting into your house.


Improve Curb Appeal and home Re-sale Value

Hurricane impact windows and doors are great features that enhance the curb appeal of your home and increase its resale value. Investing in fantastic upgrades such as luxury sliding doors will have a high impact on the appearance and the value of your property.


Qualify for Insurance Discounts

Homes along the coast attract high insurance prices due to their vulnerability to tropical storms and hurricanes. Impact doors and windows are strong and provide substantial savings. Many insurance companies in hurricane-prone areas offer discounts on insurance premiums if you have hurricane-resistant windows and doors installed in your home or business.

Check out our complete guide to impact windows to learn more!


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