3 Hurricane Doors For Protecting AND Beautifying Your Home

Hurricanes are always a top concern for anyone living in the state of Florida. Keeping your home well-protected is essential in avoiding costly damages and giving you peace of mind. Impact doors are a smart investment for your home, as they provide the best protection against hurricane-force winds. These products also provide the highly-touted benefit of enhanced security against burglaries due to their secure construction. These hurricane doors are available in a wide range of styles, as they are an excellent way to boost the value of your home.

To help you visualize these products in your home, here are three popular hurricane doors to help you protect and increase the visual appeal of your house.


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Series 1100 WIndows

Mr. Glass - Series 1100 Multitrack Sliding Glass Door

Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Manufacturing has over 30 years of combined experience manufacturing top-quality doorsAlways providing first-rate products, superior service, and focusing on customer satisfaction has played a key role in the success of Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Manufacturing.

The Series 1100 Multitrack Sliding Glass Door is a robust door available in bronze, white, or silver finish. You can also choose custom finishes, such as Kynar, or wood-like finishes. 

These doors give you much-needed protection against hurricanes while also giving your home a unique style. The Series 1100 Multi-track Sliding Glass Door is available with or without a screen, and all of the panels are made with one extrusion mitered cut. An optional raised grid is available for additional design freedom, while hidden drainages further improve the appearance of these well-designed hurricane doors.


Advisar Costal Chic Doors

Advisar “Coastal Chic” HVHZ Exterior Door

Advisar specializes in manufacturing the highest quality of doors with precision finishes, innovative security features, and state-of-the-art hardware. The Coastal Chic HVHZ Exterior Door is a high-performance door system engineered to be weather resistant while keeping you safe against the damaging impact of a hurricane.

These beautiful doors are available in three distinct colors, whether you prefer clear blue, bright white, or apple green. You can also choose from various glass styles, such as full light foster and basalt glass, Hollister 3/4 lite with chord glass, full lite flush glazed with clear glass, or 10 lite flush glazed with clear glass. Highly engineered protected packaging is also used to ensure you receive each door damage-free. They manufacture all the doors with smooth square edges to mimic the look of solid wood.


SIW Pivot Door

SIW Pivot Doors

SIW Windows & Doors is the only company that builds exterior hurricane-resistant pivoting doors. Each one of these doors meets and exceeds building codes throughout the state of Florida. An impact pivot glass door is available in nine different options for wood color while also providing a variety of glass color options for a truly unique design. These doors can also endure the powerful force of hurricanes, as they are tested to withstand wind speeds between 210 to 390 miles per hour.

Besides giving you the ultimate protection against hurricane-force winds, SIW pivot doors also reduce outside noise to ensure your environment is always relaxing inside your home. These doors are also highly energy efficient and can easily block 99% of intense ultraviolet rays, which is especially beneficial during the summer months in Florida.

You also gain additional protection against intruders because of the innovative design of the shatter-resistant glass. These doors are the perfect option for homes with plenty of floor room and continue to steadily grow in popularity.

Learn more about steps you can take to protect your home and family with our complete Hurricane Safety guide. We'll show you how how to build a hurricane emergency kit, construct a hurricane safe room, and tips for pet hurricane preparedness. 



Reach Out to Alco Windows and Doors to Learn More About Hurricane Safety

Alco Windows and Doors is an experienced impact door consultant that can help you keep your home protected against the damaging impact of a hurricane. Our goal is to always provide top-quality services at an affordable price for each client.

We are always happy to answer any of your questions and discuss the many benefits of using hurricane doors. You can also subscribe to our guide to learn more about hurricane safety for Florida residents. Give Alco Windows and Doors a call today for a free estimate for hurricane doors!


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