3 Reliable Impact Window Brands for Your Next Renovation

Interested in impact windows for your next renovation project? It’s hard to beat advantages:

  • Increased structure protection
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Foolproof adherence to building codes
  • Superior insulation for energy savings

Several other key gains are common when replacing traditional windows with impact windows rated for South Florida’s severe weather.


Learn more about impact windows in our comprehensive guide


Once you make a commitment to impact windows, you still have many decisions still ahead of you—first and foremost, putting together a shortlist of brands and/or models to consider. To help you narrow down that decision, we’ve put together this guide to three recommended brands we think best meet homeowners’ needs.


Mr Glass

Brand #1: Mr. Glass

A South Florida-based manufacturing company with a long history of projects across South Florida and the Caribbean, Mr. Glass Manufacturing has helped construct many of South Florida’s best known commercial, public, and residential buildings. Some impact window models worth examining further include:


AWS 65 SCHüCO System

Schuco Systems

Versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and rugged, the AWS 65 Schüco System allows homeowners to enjoy a window system with multiple opening types. This model allows for windows to swing out, up, or to the side, ensuring the ability to use the window in that way that best firts your unique situation. The Schüco System features all of the robustness and safety of other impact resistant windows as well.

Building a more secure home doesn’t necessarily need to mean giving up on more complex window options; you just need to make sure they’re built right.



Product Highlight: Series MRG-400


Want a simple, indestructible set of picture windows for your home? Then the Series MRG-400 product line from Mr. Glass Manufacturing is probably a strong contender for your next renovation. The simple design will match nearly any home’s aesthetic needs, without adding difficult-to-maintain or difficult-to-clean crevices and hardware.







Brand #2: CGI Windows

A leading manufacturer of impact-resistant windows for commercial and residential projects, CGI Windows brings over 25 years of experience in impact window design to its customers—making it one of the first manufacturers of true hurricane resistant windows in the country. CGI Windows has taken steps over the years to greatly expand its offerings to meet the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners at a variety of price points and aesthetic expectations.

Product Highlight: Casement Window Series 7300

CGI Window Enjoy the unobstructed view and unparalleled ventilation potential of a well-designed impact resistant casement window. The Casement Window Series 7300 features full stainless steel hardware, aluminum-reinforced framing, and a wide variety of finishes, glass choices, and optional features to better suit your aesthetic and functional needs, this is an excellent choice for your next renovation.

CGI takes aesthetic considerations as seriously as it does impact resistance—so if you want the absolute perfect fit for your home, and can accept nothing less than the aesthetic ideal match, this is one of the window lines you’ll want to consider.

Make sure to pay special attention to the newly-released Sparta Collection of windows, which includes a selection of affordably-priced impact windows for upgrading on a reasonable budget. 





Brand #3: PGT Custom Windows and Doors

PGT Customer Windows+Doors has been a part of constructing more rugged homes since the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, helping to put together the construction codes which govern new installations in Miami-Dade, Florida, to this day.

As one of South Florida’s most broadly certified and accredited firms in the windows and doors industry, using PGT Custom Windows+Doors ensures resilience, long-term durability, and strict adherence to guidelines, regulations, and best practices for hurricane-proofing.


Product Highlight: WinGuard Aluminum 700 Series

PGT Window Designed to meet or exceed even the most stringent of local, national, and international building standards, PGT’s WinGuard Aluminum series of impact-resistant windows offers protection against severe weather conditions, day-to-day energy waste, intruders, corrosion, air infiltration, sound blocking, and more.

Backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry, and tested extensively under multiple standards, you’ll struggle to find a line of products more carefully constructed to grant peace of mind.

The 700 series includes fixed architectural windows, casement windows, horizontal rollers, picture windows, and traditional single-hung residential windows, so there’s certain to be something to fit your needs—and if aluminum doesn’t suit your home, consider the equally rugged and varied WinGuard Vinyl series of products.



Ready to find out more?

Window Installation CrewYour next decision, after choosing a brand, should be selecting an installer; your impact windows can’t function properly if they’re installed poorly, no matter how feature-rich or high quality.

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