5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Restaurant Windows and Doors


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How old are the windows and doors in your restaurant? It's not uncommon for a restaurant property to feature decades-old windows —an often overlooked aspect that could be wasting you both customers and money. 

Given the importance of curb appeal for most restaurant marketing models, people make split judgments about your establishment by it's exterior. Old, outdated windows and doors can create a rundown, dingy look that may be repelling customers. 

Also, old windows and doors can cost restaurant owners money in other ways. Single pane glass and old, inefficient frames bleed money on climate control and create areas of drafty, uncomfortable seating. A lack of modern hardware can also annoy customers with unnecessary external noise and glare, creating a less than ideal dining experience. 

So you probably want to invest in an upgrade—and when you do, 

Modern windows and doors offer a wealth of benefits for your business. Let's take a look at how upgrading your restaurant windows and doors can be a smart investment for your restaurant. We'll look at impact windows in particular, as these products offer the broadest range of benefits.


Restaurant windows in the rain

1) Protection Against Both Man and Nature

The immediate on-label benefit of impact windows is, of course, protection against damages caused by inclement weather. A storm throwing a relatively small branch, rock, or hailstone through a window not only damages the exterior, but it also exposes the interior of your building to further damage.

Remember, a broken door or window in a storm isn't just a broken feature; in many cases, the cost of the item itself is small compared to the broader damage a structure breach can cause.

Impact windows also make it significantly more difficult for someone to break into your establishment after hours quickly and without raising the alarm, only by featuring a more robust construction.

The "secret sauce" to impact windows and doors is the inner construction of the glass, which is made from strong-binding, sturdy, and flexible vinyl materials like ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

The inner layer of EVA or PVB can range in thicknesses, but the thicker the inner layer, the more expensive the window.

The upshot to a thicker layer is that you'll have much more protection, and your window will be able to take more of an impact without breaking a sweat.


Decorated restaurant windows

2) Improved Building Aesthetics

Modernizing your windows can make your restaurant look better, inside and out, by carefully controlling visibility, lighting, and the design of the window itself. 

There's a reason the vast majority of restaurants, from fast food to high-class fine dining establishments, are surrounded by windows. Customers love natural lighting and a pleasing view of the outside. Individuals walking by outside can view the inside, from your decor to the food. Both of these aspects act as a natural advertisement. Improving the view with better windows and doors can only help you!


Crowded restaurant space

3) Noise Reduction

Older windows are prone to poor noise filtering—not a problem in every location, but many restaurant locations can become unpleasantly loud due to noise pollution. Impact windows can dull exterior noise significantly, even in the middle of a bustling city, thus preserving a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for your customers—and a healthier one for employees. 

In particularly loud cases, old or poorly constructed windows can even be a source of noise amplification, turning certain exterior sounds into miserable experiences for patrons. No one wants to eat a meal with conversation drowned out by traffic, construction, or other noises. 


Sweaty restaurant patron

4) Optimized Climate Efficiency

With so much of a restaurant's design typically made up of glass, inadequate insulation is a common source of financial woes. In a home or small office building, it's not uncommon for windows to bear responsibility as the single most significant source of temperature gain or loss—and that's with single small windows in rooms! Restaurants often feature much larger, more expansive panes of glass, thus increasing the loss.

Poor climate control isn't just a source of wasted energy - it can lead to uncomfortable customers. Uneven distribution of temperature creates awkward pockets of hot and cold areas, causing your HVAC systems to work overtime. All that old, inefficient glass is the root cause of the issue!

Installing modern impact windows and doors with Energy Star ratings appropriate for your region should thus be a high priority. 


Sunlight on restaurant bar

5) UV Ray Filtering

The sun can be a real pain for a restaurant for the same reason climate control is: the sheer number of windows. With the wrong windows, your customers must contend with uneven heating from direct sunlight, annoying glare in their eyes, and generally uneven lighting undermining your establishment's aesthetic.

Beyond customer and employee comfort, you face a real risk of sunlight damage with windows that don't filter UV rays the way modern impact windows can. Unchecked sun rays can cause curtain discoloration, furniture bleaching, and furniture cracking. Save money and keep customers happy by considering a product that keeps the harmful side of sunlight out of your restaurant.


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