5 Popular Impact-resistant Door Designs


Living here in South Florida, it’s common knowledge that preparing for heavy storms and severe weather events are no joke. A category five storm can shatter windows in seconds, send flying debris everywhere, and even lift off your roof or push around your home structure. 

That all may sound extreme, but it happens all the time. An important part of fortifying your home includes installing impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors. Both are equally important; any vulnerability in your home can lead to hurricane winds and flying debris getting in. In this region, you need a weather-proof barrier to keep your family safe. 

Contemporary Designs and All-weather Protection 

Impact-resistant hurricane doors are built tough. Really tough. They're designed to provide around-the-clock protection, and can even lower your home insurance premiums, because they're built for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) and wind-borne debris regions (WBDR). 

A licensed distributor of the top impact-resistant hurricane doors can help you choose from top brands - like PGT Windows - to find the perfect custom solution to your home. 

Patio Doors 

Impact-resistant doors come in all shapes and styles and can be customized to fit your home and budget perfectly. Patio doors are a good place to start for people in coastal climates who understandably like spending time outdoors. 

Impact-resistant patio doors come with the same game-changing laminated inner layer as impact-resistant windows, which means any flying debris are stopped in their tracks. This inner laminate layer is built so that a  "spider" pattern is created if something large so happens to collide into it, preventing a ton of dangerous, fractured tiny shards from coming in to your home. 

Impact-resistant patio doors also instantly add beauty to your home and let in natural light. Added benefit? Today's patio doors are also typically energy efficient. 

French Doors 

Many people are pleasantly surprised to hear that French doors, or swing doors, can also be impact resistant. Even though French doors are designed with glass running along the length of the door, they can be customized as impact-resistant doors by using the right kind of laminated glass. 

These types of doors open out on a hinge rather than sliding sideways on a track and are perfect for lending a touch of elegance to your home and letting in tons of natural light. 

Sliding Glass Doors 

These kinds of doors work really well when you're going from the outdoors to a den or sunroom. Sliding glass doors typically come with an aluminum or a vinyl base. 

Impact-resistant sliding glass doors are also ideal for condo units in areas prone to heavy winds. What better way to walk out onto your balcony while still getting 24/7 protection against the elements?

Terrace Doors 

Impact-resistant terrace doors have all of the style of French doors, with an added feature: these doors hinge from the center so one can remain stationary. 

Terrace doors are a beautiful option that have been tested based on impact and water performance (25 PSF for a standard sill from one manufacturer). 

Cabana Doors 

Cabana doors are designed for porches or garages and come in single or double-door style options. Impact-resistant cabana doors that match your impact-resistant windows provide an upscale look and increase your home's curb appeal (and value)

It may sound like a small detail but having a matching door with a concealed weather strip and sleek handle can make a big style difference. 

Cabana doors from the top manufacturers come with a smooth, rather than scalloped, design for an elegant look. Impact-resistant doors can increase the value of your home and provide protection for years to come. 

If you’re looking for ways to protect your home before the next hurricane season hits South Florida, visit Alco Windows and Doors for more information or call 888-877-2526 today.

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