A 5-Step Guide on How to Pay for Impact Windows

Impact windows are an excellent option for anyone living in areas prone to hurricanes. These products play a crucial role in keeping your home safe from shattering glass and harmful projectiles entering your home. So how can you get started adding these beneficial products to your home? 

Hurricane windows are not cheap products; they will cost you more than traditional options. However, they provide superior storm protection and a wide range of ancillary benefits, including the following:

  • protection from home invasions
  • Filtering of harmful UV rays
  • Reduction of exterior noise
  • Savings on home energy costs

Quality impact window costs are primarily determined by the square feet you want to be covered. You'll also have a variety of features to choose from, including frame type, coatings, and insulation. The more elaborate the window, the higher the price point.

However, you can choose from multiple payment options regardless of your financial situation. Here is a simple five-step guide on how to pay for the impact windows you want for your home. 


Cash payment

#1) Cash or Check

One of the easiest ways to pay for impact windows is by using cash or writing a check. Alco Windows and Doros will send an associate to you to answer any of your questions and guide you throughout the entire installation process.


Once you've come to a decision, we'll provide you with a fully itemized, transparent breakdown. You need only pay 50% up-front before we begin installing your windows.



credit card payment

#2) Pay with Credit Card or Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Another way you can pay for impact windows is by using a credit card or the automated clearinghouse. Alco will help you set up a payment plan using our "Paycove" software. Easily view all of your project documents at any time using your account. Review and pay invoices with our simple, intuitive system. Your convenience is always a top priority at Alco Windows & Doors.




#3) Finance with Ygrene

Another avenue to purchasing impact windows is through financing. Ygrene offers an alternative way to finance energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades for homeowners. 


Ygrene offers unique advantages, including low, fixed rates, no upfront costs, and no repayment penalties. Because Ygrene financing is an assessment of your property and not a loan or discount program, it is repaid annually with your property taxes. Approvals are based primarily on home equity.


greensky logo

#4) Use GreenSky Financing

GreenSky is a third-party service provider that offers consumer loans to help businesses grow by allowing clients to use credit to purchase products. A customer can easily apply by providing necessary personal information, along with their monthly income. 


GreenSky's financing programs give customers additional purchasing power while making it much easier for clients to understand how to pay for impact windows.


tax break paperwork

#5) Additional Tax Breaks

Lower the overall price of your impact window project by taking advantage of numerous tax breaks. The United States government offers multiple tax incentives to encourage homeowners to adopt energy-efficient home features. 


Flordia has yet to make impact windows tax-deductible. Still, you can finance through Florida's Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. Learn more information about these tax breaks by checking out this article.


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Reach Out to Alco Windows & Doors to Learn How to Pay for Impact Windows

Alco Windows & Doors is a Florida-based company that offers professional impact window installation services for a wide range of clients. Our top priority is to give you the ultimate protection from hurricanes by installing impact windows. 


These windows offer numerous benefits, such as improving the value of your home while also reducing your energy costs each month. You can learn more about impact windows and hurricane safety by checking out our guides. Give Alco Windows & Doors a call today to schedule a free consultation and learn how to pay for impact windows!


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