Advantages of Installing Impact Windows for Fort Lauderdale Residents

The Fort Lauderdale area has been increasingly affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters in recent years. Impact windows help keep your home safe by resisting high-speed winds, rain, and impact from flying debris that major storms can cause. The safety features impact windows offer from storms are well-known along the Gulf Coast, and they can offer protection for residents on the Atlantic Coast as well! In addition, impact windows offer other advantages that you may not have considered when deciding on investing.

Other Advantages Of Impact Windows For Fort Lauderdale Residents: 

Sound Reduction: Neighborhood noises can be quite annoying, interrupting sleep and generally disrupting your day-to-day life. Impact windows help reduce this noise and keep your home quiet and keep unwanted noise out. This makes your home more peaceful and can help reduce stress levels.  

Ease of Upkeep: When compared to older windows, new impact windows are much easier to keep clean and maintain. Older windows tend to make use of wood frames which can develop mold or rot due to the elements. Impact windows tend to make use of vinyl for their frame materials, which not only withstand the elements but only require minimal cleaning to keep them well-maintained.

Mental Health Benefits: Older windows often don’t let much light in and can impede airflow even when opened. Impact windows let more light in and when opened allow for a steady amount of airflow throughout your home. More light and air can improve the mental health of those with anxiety conditions, stress, and certain types of depression. Even if you don’t have any diagnosed conditions the light and airflow impact windows let in can improve your mental well-being.

Increased Safety: Impact windows can make your home safer by reducing the ease of break-ins and discouraging burglaries. Impact windows are shatter resistant and this makes them hard to break which can stop burglars from entering your home. Plus theft is often a crime of opportunity and impact windows, in general, can discourage break-in attempts.

Increase in Home Value: Many home improvement projects offer a negligible increase to a home’s value and are not reflected in the final price when a home is put up for sale. By comparison, impact windows increase the value of your home and are attractive to potential buyers due to the benefits they offer. Another value impact windows offer is they can reduce monthly energy costs which is a benefit as long as you live in your home. 


Impact windows offer many advantages and installing them in your home offers more than just storm protection. They make your home more energy efficient, modern, safer, easier to keep clean, quieter, and increase your home’s value. With a variety of different styles and designs, you can find impact windows to fit any home size and design.

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