Advantages of Installing Impact Windows for Miami Residents

Installing impact windows in Miami can significantly reduce your monthly cooling expenses, reduce the outside noise that gets into your home, and protect against break-in attempts and flying debris during high winds and hurricanes. 

Over the last couple of years, Florida lawmakers have finally caught on to all the benefits of installing impact windows in homes, condos, and workplaces. Florida now requires that new buildings and major home renovations in Miami-Dade include impact windows that are resistant to shattering.

So what specific benefits can you expect when planning your window installation/replacement project? Here are five reasons you should consider impact windows if you live in the Miami area.

Enhanced Home Protection

Impact windows give you peace of mind that they can withstand a significant collision. These kinds of windows are stress tested so that, should a flying object come into contact with your window, your impact window will "take the hit" and form a spiderweb pattern. That's significantly safer than having shards of glass everywhere. 

The secret to an impact window's resistance? In short, the construction. Impact windows are designed with two sheets of tempered glass sandwiching into place a shatterproof membrane. The best part is that you can incorporate this technology without breaking the bank or spoiling the view.

Increased Home Value 

Impact windows actually improve your home's value and come in a variety of modern styles and designs. This makes impact windows suitable for protecting and potentially improving the resale value of both commercial and resistentialproperties.

Even if you plan on flipping your home in the next year, estimates show that installing impact windows can provide an immediate ROI (return on investment) of 85% or more.

Put another way, these estimates show that if you replace your old windows with energy-efficient, impact windows and spend, say, $10,000 that you can expect to immediateget back $8,500 if you went to sell the next day. That kind of ROI puts impact windows in the same category as kitchen remodelings. 

Reduction in Homeowner's Insurance Premiums 

Impact windows might also lead to more affordable homeowners insurance from month to month since your insurer will appreciate the fact that you've significantly improved the safety of your home. By installing impact windows, you've put up an incredible barrier against debris and home invaders. 

Hurricane-prone areas of the country like Florida, and Miami in particular, require that insurance providers give homeowners and commercial property managers discounts for taking proactive steps to prevent or mitigate hurricane damage.

Depending on the value of your property, your insurance provider, and the comprehensiveness of your insurance coverage, you can expect to save potentially hundreds of dollars a month, every month, by installing impact windows throughout your home or workplace. 

Protection Against Hurricane-Force Winds 

Even if your home does get hit with winds in excess of 160 miles per hour, your new impact windows will splinter rather than shatter if a flying object smacks into it. Impact windows are designed like car windshields in that way. 

Impact windows really reduce the liability and claims that your insurance company has to bother with. For that reason, insurance companies are more than happy to reward responsible homeowners who decide to have impctwindows installed. It lowers their claims and liability by decreasing the chances that something bad happens to your home. 

Increased Energy Efficiency 

Impact windows are much more energy-efficient because of their construction. This University of Florida study explains that impact windows have a complicated job in that they need to let in light without causing heat gain, allow air-conditioned air to stay inside without causing condensation, and keep warmed-up air in the home in the winter months. 

Tempered glass and impact-resistant glazing helpsto lower your energy bills, limit UV damage, and lower your homeowner's insurance premiums. 

Take the Next Step

Since its founding, Alco Windows and Doors has catered to the needs of Miami residents, and that means providing customized impact-resistant windows and doors made right here in the United States. They can help both residential and commercial customers find the right solution for their unique needs. Request a service or estimate here and experience enhanced home protection and energy efficiency.


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