Alco Customer Testimonial: Carolina’s Superior Service Experience


Meet Carolina

Alco Windows and Doors is lucky to have served the most fantastic homeowners in South Florida – and Carolina is no exception. 

Carolina owns a home in South Miami. She chose Alco as her impact product installer for new windows and doors. Learn more about her journey below.


The Problem

There are various reasons homeowners like Carolina choose to install impact windows and doors. The more obvious reason for property owners in South Miami is severe storm preparation.

Impact products come assembled with various materials such as strong aluminum, laminated glass, vinyl, and wood. As a result, it helps protect homes from dangerous debris and wind speeds up to 100 mph. The same cannot be said of traditional windows and doors.


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How Alco Helped

How did Alco help Carolina? By providing the highest-quality impact windows and doors, coupled with attentive, thorough customer service. We outline this process below.


1) Product and Manufacturer Selection

During your first appointment, our team learns more about your project needs and specifications. We take this opportunity to answer your questions as this process is extensive. Plus, Alco identifies the exact product and manufacturer chosen for your installation. 


2) Receive a Detailed Quote 

With the information gathered from your first appointment, Alco provides property owners with a detailed project quote.


3) Alco's Experts Take Final Measurements

Before installing the impact products, our team remeasures each window and door. This step is essential in assuring 100% accuracy before ordering the materials.


4) Preparation & Installation

Proper preparation is critical for a seamless installation experience. Alco's service professionals take specific steps to ensure a property's safety during installation, including: 

  • Wearing floor savers over footwear to make sure dust or debris doesn't ruin the flooring.
  • Laying down protective coverings over flooring and work furniture near work areas to prevent damage and dust accumulation.
  • Using vacuums to collect dust as we work, including during any drilling or demolition tasks.
  • Setting up protective screens to keep non-renovation areas from being exposed to outdoor elements. 
  • Full clean-up of work areas once a project is completed.


5) Final Walkthrough 

Your home improvement project doesn't end once your impact windows and doors are installed. Alco works with city inspectors and community associations to make sure your permit is approved. 

Last but certainly not least, we do a final walkthrough of your property. If you are not completely satisfied, we will work to resolve any issues.

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The Results

Here is what Carolina had to say about her experience working with our team. "The service was incredible. The workers were timely, they were clean in all of their work, and even though it was a multi-day project, they made it as seamless as possible." 

When asked about her opinion of the impact windows and doors, she exclaimed, "The finished product is obviously beautiful!" That is certainly the beauty of impact products. You don't have to sacrifice style or curb appeal for a protective exterior design. 

Carolina goes on to discuss her encounters with the founder of Alco Windows and Doors, Luis Alvarez. "Luis Alvarez from Alco Windows and Doors was with me every step of the way."

While he has many responsibilities as the founder and owner, Alvarez prides himself on delivering the best possible customer experience.


We Helped Carolina. We Can Help You!

Do you find yourself in a similar position as Carolina? Alco Windows and Doors would love to be your impact product installer of choice. Whether you want to install impact windows and doors for their protective benefits or because they reduce energy costs, we can help. 

Inviting strangers into your home to conduct major renovations can be intimidating. It is Alco's mission to make you and your family feel comfortable by putting you at the forefront of the entire experience.

Ready to take the next steps in improving your home? 

Contact Alco Windows and Doors to receive a free consultation or by calling (305) 376-7205.


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