Are Impact Windows Tax-Deductible?

Impact windows are a worthwhile addition to any home. In addition to protecting from hurricanes and other extreme weather patterns, windows are also energy efficient, increase home safety, and reduce overall noise. However, before making such home improvements you may be concerned about the cost. Luckily, high impact windows qualify for tax credits that can reduce your overall out-of-pocket expenses.

Tax-Deductible Credits And High Impact Windows

As per tax budget laws passed in 2018 under the Bipartisan Budget Act, there are tax-deductible credits for improvements made to homes and businesses that result in higher energy efficiency. Listed on Form 5695, credits can be claimed for improvements such as solar panels, impact doors, impact windows, and other such improvements.

When claiming a tax credit for high impact windows, the windows first have to meet Energy Star standards. Provided your windows meet this requirement, you can claim a credit of 10 percent of the total window installation cost with a limit of $200 per window and a total energy efficiency tax credit of $500 available.


If you're thinking of adding high impact windows to your home there are ways to mitigate the overall cost. In addition to the above tax-deductible credits, also remember that high impact windows often greatly reduce your monthly heating and cooling energy expenses. When buying high impact windows from reputable brands you can be confident they not only Energy Star compliant but also provide the best in efficiency and the other useful features high impact windows provide.


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