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Managing rental properties in South Florida requires significant time and effort. Your most important task is keeping properties appealing to potential tenants! Impact windows and doors provide a long list of benefits that both protect and beautify your investments.

Impact products come specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds while also helping you to stay in compliance with local building codes in South Florida. You can also choose from a wide range of styles to boost the curb appeal of your rental property and give it a unique appearance.


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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Impact Windows

Here are 10 reasons why impact windows and doors need to always be at the top of the list for making upgrades to your rental property.


1) State of the Art Protection

Investing in impact windows and doors is a great option for property management companies due to the state of the art protection against hurricanes and severe weather. Impact glass undergoes a thorough testing process to withstand the impact of flying debris from category five storms.

Each of these products is individually rated, as working with an impact glass installer is important in helping you choose the best impact glass to meet local building codes.


2) Improve Energy Efficiency

An additional benefit of installing impact windows and doors before a tenant moves into your rental property is that it helps to improve energy efficiency. The double-glazed and laminated panes of impact glass play a key role in lowering utility costs throughout the year.

Over time, these cost savings can add up to a large sum of money for landlords. Highlighting the energy efficiency of impact glass in a rental home is an excellent selling point for potential tenants.


3) Reduce Outside Noise

Constantly hearing loud noises outside makes it nearly impossible for anyone to relax indoors. Installing impact glass throughout a rental home is a great way to eliminate this problem and create a more peaceful environment.

Impact glass is perfect for reducing noise from busy streets or decreasing the sounds from noisy neighbors. Tenants can easily relax indoors without dealing with constant interruptions.


4) Increase Property Value

Upgrading to impact windows and doors is a great way to increase the value for property management companies in South Florida. You can make the upgrade at any time, but it may be more convenient before a tenant moves into the home.

Installing impact glass can dramatically improve the visual appeal of your rental property while also providing the best protection against all types of severe weather.

Making the upgrade to impact glass is well worth the initial investment in helping you receive the maximum value for managing your rental properties.


5) Invest in Durability

Replacing your windows and doors every few years due to the damage of hurricanes or storms can quickly get expensive and raise your insurance premiums. Frequently dealing with maintenance issues is also costly.

One way to better manage properties for rent is to install impact glass in all openings within your rental house. These impact glass doors and windows come built to last for many years, as many installers offer a lifetime guarantee due to their durable design.

Installing impact glass is a great way to avoid frequent maintenance issues while managing rental properties in South Florida.


6) Improve Home Security

Keeping your tenants safe and secure is always a top concern while managing rental properties. One way to boost security for your renters is to install impact windows and doors throughout the entire home.

These impact products can withstand the forces of severe weather in South Florida, which makes it even more challenging for criminals to break into your rental property. Criminals will often look for easier targets instead of spending more time trying to break into a home with impact glass.


7) Enjoy Easier Storm Preparation 

The threat of severe weather and hurricanes is a constant issue for anyone living in South Florida. Spending time installing shutters or using plywood to cover windows requires a lot of hard work.

Taking care of these tasks while you manage other properties or even prepare your own home for severe weather is nearly impossible. On the other hand, installing impact windows and doors is a much more convenient opening. It provides around-the-clock protection from hurricanes without the need for any additional preparations.


8) Gain Access to Insurance Discounts

Looking at ways to keep costs down is always a top concern for landlords and property management companies. One way to minimize expenses on a rental property is to invest in impact glass for your windows and doors due to its durability.

Installing impact products is also a great way to decrease your insurance premiums. The primary key in receiving a discount on your insurance is that every opening must be protected with impact glass, including your windows, doors, skylights, and garage doors.


9) Reduce Property Maintenance

Continually performing maintenance on a single-family rental home is often a time-consuming experience. The maintenance cost can quickly add up and make it difficult for property management companies to make a profit.

One way to reduce maintenance is to invest in impact windows and doors for your South Florida rental property. Impact glass by design is low maintenance, which saves you precious time and expense.

You can focus on other tasks while managing rental properties without constantly dealing with maintenance issues related to impact glass.


10) Improve UV Ray Protection

Installing impact glass doors and windows in your rental property is vital in providing ultraviolet light (UV) protection. UV light can quickly degrade fabrics and interior coverings over time. Too much UV light can even fade family photos and cause paint to change colors. 

Investing in impact windows and doors for a single-family home is a great way to provide the best protection against UV rays. Impact glass can block up to 99% of UV rays, which helps to protect all of the interior assets within your rental property.


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Contact Alco Windows and Doors to Learn More About Impact Products

Alco Windows and Doors offers installation services for impact glass throughout South Florida. Our experienced team has more than three decades of combined experience in the industry.

The primary goal of our company is to provide the best installation services and top-quality customer service. Installing impact glass is always a great option before a tenant moves in, as our team will take care of your property during the installation process.

To learn more about how property managers can get started with impact windows, check out our free guide.

Contact Alco today and let us answer all of your questions about impact windows and doors for your rental property!

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