Beautiful Decoration Ideas to Complement Your New Impact French Doors

French impact doors are an excellent home addition for anyone looking to improve the value, security, and aesthetics of their home. Installed with hurricane-resistant windows, such doors are capable of withstanding high-wind scenarios to prevent against cracked glass from wind-flung debris.

But these high strength windows don't just stop there. These windows also keep sound reduction at a minimum and help resist against would-be intruders. With so much to love and appreciate, why wouldn't you want to add them to your home!

Of course, once you do, you will want to make sure they work well with your home decor. Check out the following for some key decoration ideas.


Impact French Doors Decoration Ideas:


French Door Curtains

Thick Drapes

Traditionally, mounting thick draperies above and beyond the door frames has been the go-to method for decorating French doors and it continues to be an excellent decorating choice. Choose colors and designs that either nicely complements or offer a good contrast to the room's wall colors as drapes create a nice thick border effect. 


French door moulding


If you are installing French impact doors in the kitchen or leading out to the back patio, then you might better appreciate the look of shutters. Shutters can be easily added to any door and are easy to open to let in the sunlight or close to enhance your home privacy. But note that when adding shutters to French impact doors, the aim is to do the opposite of what you design for with drapes. This means that instead of forming a noticeable border between your walls and doors, you want to give a more blended look. Do this by painting the shutters the same color as the walls and allowing a neutral white molding to serve as a less pronounced border.


French Door Moulding-1

Complementing Molding

Speaking of molding, intricate moldings along the sides and top of your impact French doors can also go a long way in giving your home interior that special extra touch. Molding around doors and windows elongate the natural lines of these building accents to make them appear larger than they actually are. Intricate moldings also add to the door's appearance and style. For those homeowners who have an older style home or a home that does not fit well in modern style categories, you may consider hiring a carpenter to create the perfect style for your doors and homes. 


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Frosted Glass

Privacy is often one of the biggest concerns homeowners have when they are considering installing French impact doors, or French doors of any type. This is because this style of door is defined by having open windows that make it easy for residents to see outside and strangers to see in. But if you like the look of French doors but not the clear glass, frosted glass is a handy compromise for you. Frosted glass is an easy add-on to any type of window that makes it impossible for people to see clearly either inside or outside as it creates an opaque film. Frosted glass is a particularly good choice for those complimenting wood-toned molding and doors. 


Shades for French doors

Heavy-Duty Exterior Shades

If you are adding impact French doors to your patio, then consider leaving the insides bare and adding exterior shades instead. Exterior shades are a great choice when you're satisfied with the interior look and feel of a room but don't like how it appears from the outside. However, there are some important things to look at when beginning your research into exterior shades, particularly if you live in the southeast and in a coastal area such as Miami. Here in South Florida, humidity and salt spray are common concerns for homeowners as they can wreak havoc on many of the materials used to create exterior shades. It is also important to look at a product's UV protection when installing exterior shades in areas in which they will be exposed to direct sunlight.

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