From Morocco to Miami: A Commitment to Service at Alco Windows & Doors

Surrounded by the sprawling urban landscape in Morocco, Luis Alvarez saw to his duty of keeping his squad mates and the local population free from fear of disaster. After returning from his tour of duty, he saw another population in need of assistance - the people of South Florida. As hurricanes continue to increase in frequency and ferocity each year, Luis decided it was the right time to start a business focused on protecting homeowners from fear of disaster. It was the start of Alco Impact Windows and Doors.

"After returning home, I realized that most homes in South Florida are increasingly not hurricane-proof. I saw it as an opportunity to create a family business, one with the right experience and expertise." Luis stated in a recent interview. "I have family and friends who've been in the glass and glazing industry for over 15 years. We decided it was important to equip the Miami area with strong windows and doors to weather the strongest of storms and provide value to the community."

As a native of the Miami area, Luis knew he could provide a unique advantage to local consumers - familiarity with the region and it's unique needs. Luis stated that "we have an intimate knowledge of the surrounding area and use that as a platform to connect with and better serve our peers.".

He began by offering impact windows to the Miami area, putting honesty and quality first. "We were tired of unethical sales tactics designed to siphon money from the consumer’s wallet. Our goal is to empower our clients by educating them, not misleading or confusing them with products they don’t require. We run into this scenario many times. Client overpaying for products they don’t need!" Luis stated. He wanted to offer a different kind of service.

His prior military service motivated him to grow his company on the values he upheld while serving his country: loyalty, commitment, and service. "These are the three guideposts we use at Alco when developing relationships with our customers. Loyalty means keeping our customers best interest at all times and being transparent. Commitment means we strive for excellence no matter what challenges we encounter. Service means we treat all our customers with the utmost professionalism and respect."

Luis also knew his journey across the globe gave him the right tools to run a customer-focused organization. "My military experience has given me organizational skills to keep business running as smoothly as possible. Having a chain of command in place and delegating tasks accordingly are also skills that I implement daily. Lastly holding everyone, including myself accountable is of the utmost importance."

Alco has grown steadily. Recently, the company expanded to offering impact doors to their customers. He believes the company's best days are ahead of them as well. "Our goal is to keep our excellent level of service and reputation as we keep growing. In the next year I would like to triple in size and in the next five years be known as a leader in the glass and glazing industry in South Florida. In the next ten years, I want to manufacture our own product line too."

Above all, Luis will always run Alco Windows and Doors as a small business. "We are cognizant of the factors that determine our success. We could not be successful without our devoted customers who bring our visions to reality. Therefore, Alco Windows and Doors is as much a part of the consumer base as we are our own separate entity. Without you, our valued customers, we would not be able to do what we love every day. And for that, we thank you."

No matter the location, service to others will always be the focal point for Luis and his team at Alco Windows and Doors. To learn more about how impact windows and doors can benefit your home, contact them today!

 Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

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