How Energy Efficient Are Your Front Doors Miami Homeowners?

Did you know one of the highest costs of owning a home is energy? As a result of rising utility costs, many Miami homeowners are seeking new and more modern solutions to improve their home's energy efficiency. 

Many factors go into creating an eco-friendly house. Among these are installing energy-efficient front doors and windows. This establishes a more insulated home that requires less energy to keep it at the desired temperature. 

Whether you're looking to replace or upgrade your exterior door, there are plenty of energy-efficient options to choose from. Below, Alco Windows and Doors shares four brands that offer sustainable doors in South Florida and the benefits of installing them.


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Benefits of Energy Efficient Doors


1) Energy Efficiency Saves You Money on Utilities

Studies show South Florida homes consume an average of 1,110 kWh of energy per month, 20% more than the U.S. average. It is likely because Florida experiences high temperatures throughout the year. Cool air can escape your home with traditional doors because they are not well insulated. 

Therefore, AC units are working overtime and wracking up utility bills. Simple upgrades such as installing eco-friendly doors and entry doors can significantly reduce how much energy your home uses. 


2) Earn Tax Incentives for Eco-Friendly Alternatives

There are a variety of tax incentives available when using environment-friendly products. Whether light bulbs, smart thermostats, or impact doors, the state government will give homeowners tax credits and rebates. These returns can help offset the initial cost of the home improvement updates.


3) Increase Your Home’s Value With Strong, Attractive Doors 

Energy-efficient homes are marked at a higher value than those without energy-saving features. In fact, a study by the National Association of Home Builders asked respondents to rank over 100 desirable elements in a home. The top-ranked element was Energy Star-rated products. 

Again, families spend at least $2,200 per year on utility bills. However, installing eco-friendly upgrades could reduce costs by 30%. Therefore, buyers are willing to pay more for a home that will save them money long-term.


Who Manufacturers Impact Front Doors in Miami?


Mr Glass Logo1) Mr. Glass Doors & Windows

Mr. Glass Manufacturing is an advanced company specializing in developing and manufacturing windows and doors. With Mr. Glass products, consumers can feel confident their front doors have long-lasting value for their entire life cycle. 

Each of their front door styles undergoes extensive quality assurance to ensure the materials provide superior performance and require little to no maintenance. 

Additionally, Mr. Glass is committed to building windows and doors that guarantee the safety and protection of South Florida families under severe weather conditions. Their hurricane-tested products comply with Miami-Dade County and Florida building codes. Therefore your home is protected from the toughest wind-borne debris while also helping the environment.


Eco Windows Logo2) Eco Window Systems

Eco Window Systems is an impact-resistant window and door manufacturer based in Miami, Florida. They offer customers a wide array of impact products, focusing on inexpensive materials and superior customer service. 

Here are a few of the entry door styles available:

  • French doors. The product features a 4" door frame depth with laminated impact-resistant glass. It is available as a single or double door.
  • Garage doors. The product features a heavy-gauge aluminum T6 alloy profile that is dent resistant to any major impacts. Homeowners can choose from clear, white, green, gray, and other garage door colors.
  • Bi-fold. The product can feature up to 10 glass door panels and can be set up to open in one direction or split to fold on either side.
  • Sliding glass doors. The product features double weather-stripping hardware, concealed installation screws, and stainless steel wheels.


Plus, each product meets Florida's strict building codes, ensuring its durability and safety.

Windoor Logo3) WinDoor

WinDoor promises to do more than just create exceptional luxury doors and windows — they open possibilities. As part of the PGTI family, the WinDoor team believes in pushing toward perfection by creating best-in-class processes and products. 

Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-performance ratings have made their front doors a top choice for many Miami homeowners. 

It is their mission to bring the outdoors into homes with luxurious, energy-efficient products, including:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Terrance doors
  • Estate entrances

WinDoor commonly uses eco-friendly supplies such as aluminum and thermally broken materials. Additionally, all products created by WinDoor are AAMA, ASTM, Miami-Dade, and TDI approved. 


CGI Logo4) CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

For decades, CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors has delivered the strength and flexibility homeowners can rely on. They are committed to providing quality impact products that are manufactured to perform and exceed customer expectations.

Their aluminum and vinyl impact-resistant CGI® doors expand your property's view and create attractive front entrances. In addition, Florida consumers can choose from multiple panel configurations and sizes of french doors, sliding glass doors, and cabana doors. 

Additionally, they offer custom solutions that boost energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and protect your home. Whether you're looking for a door with decorative glass or a basic balcony door, CGI® can help.

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Reap the Benefits of Energy Efficient Front Doors with Alco

Alco Windows & Doors is an impact product installer serving South Florida communities. 

Our team ensures every piece of inventory is of the greatest quality by choosing to only work with the most trusted manufacturers. We help Miami homeowners find energy-efficient and hurricane impact front doors that match their style, budget, and unique needs.

Start your search for the perfect impact doors by reading our FREE buying guide for Miami homeowners.

If you're looking for a smart investment that increases the curb appeal, safety, and value of your home, give Alco Windows & Doors a call at 305-376-7205 or contact us for a FREE consultation!


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