How are Hurricane Impact Windows Made

When you see a window listed as hurricane-proof and impact-resistant, this means the window can withstand heavy impacts without fracturing or breaking apart. Instead, when hit by a large object - either propelled by the heavy winds of a Category 5 hurricane or someone attempting to break into your home - your impact-resistant window will form a contained spider-web pattern. The glass will not shatter, even under extreme conditions such as these. Why? The materials used to make hurricane impact windows are uniquely designed!

Shatter-Proof Materials

The "secret sauce" to impact windows is the inner layer, which is made from strong-binding, tough, and flexible vinyl materials like ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

The inner layer of EVA or PVB can range in thicknesses; but the thicker the inner layer, the more expensive the window.

The upshot to a thicker layer is that you'll have much more protection and your window will be able to take more of an impact without breaking a sweat.

The EVA and PVB inner layer on impact-resistant windows can vary from about .010 inches to .090 inches, which might not sound like much but is plenty protective considering the strength of this material.

Additional Protective Layers

PVB is what makes car windows shatterproof. Combining PVB with a window-glaze layer made of polyvinyl terephthalate (PET) adds another layer of protection to your home. A PET film can also be used with a liquid glass resin applied to your new hurricane windows to make your home a veritable fortress.

A surface membrane added to the outside of your new impact-resistant windows can make your windows an even more formidable opponent against flying debris and heavy weather. The frame construction of your windows makes things that much tougher.

Importance of Window Frames

Most impact-resistant windows are constructed using aluminum, vinyl, or steel frames. These kinds of frames resist warping, weakening over time, or accumulation of rust. Steel and aluminum frames are obviously extremely tough, but they can be more expensive than vinyl.

Vinyl frames are themselves more than up to the task of protecting you and your family and providing the right supporting structure for your impact-resistant windows.

In fact, vinyl frames are seen as the most cost-efficient option if you're looking to protect your home against the elements and get great insulation and energy efficiency at the same time.

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