Save Money AND the Environment With Green Impact Windows. Here's How


"Going green" has become a key message for brands wanting to positively impact the environment. There are advancements in home design that can be considered part of the "green" movement. Green home improvements help reduce home waste such as excess energy use. In addition to being better for the environment, green home design can also save you money on monthly energy costs. High impact windows can help you go green in addition to the other benefits they offer.

How High Impact Windows Are Green

Many older windows are not efficient often letting in cold air in the winter and letting in the heat during the summer. These drafts cause your home’s internal heating and cooling units to run longer in response. This excess usage drives up energy costs and is simply wasteful. By installing green impact windows you reduce drafts which keeps your home’s temperature stable. This reduces the need to run your HVAC unit which saves on fuel, power usage, and brings down your monthly energy costs.


Green impact windows can have a notable impact on your home's energy footprint. When combined with other home improvement methods you reduce waste and overuse of electricity. When buying green impact windows look for well-known name brands that are Energy Star certified to ensure you're getting windows that meet rigorous green energy standards.


Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

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