How Much Will New Impact Doors Cost?

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If you’re considering an impact door upgrade to your home or other property, a healthy understanding of the potential price range and cost factors for the improvement is critical.


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Examining The Cost of New Impact Doors

How much do impact windows cost

Let’s consider the key factors in determining the final cost, and put together a rough estimate for the price range you should expect with basic impact door installations.


1) Material costs

First and foremost, the cost of impact doors is determined in large part by the cost of the physical components. Much of the cost of any set of impact doors will stem from the impact-resistant glass:

A simple 60x80 sliding glass patio door with a basic aluminum frame can cost around $2,000 in materials because so much of the body of the installation is impact-resistant glass.

Other popular impact door designs, such as French doors or impact-resistant entryway doors, can end up costing less at the lower end due to the reduction in glass necessary. On the other hand, pricy wood or metal components with appropriate finishes can bring these popular designs back up in price.

Depending on local price variables and the other materials involved, materials could cost as low as $1,000 or much, much more than the $2,000 baseline.


2) Labor

Depending on the specifics of your installation, labor may end up being the most expensive factor in your overall costs. Installing impact doors is, in many cases, identical to installing doors without the special material components which render the doors impact resistant—in these cases, you should expect to spend $75-500 per door.

Costs can go up significantly with more complex door designs, or for installations under difficult circumstances. If an architect is involved, or special qualifications or certifications are necessary for whatever reason, costs will increase accordingly with the increase in expertise.


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3) Potential Complications

Complications aren’t easy to assess in advance, which is why they’re complications. Factors like unfavorable architecture, the discovery of underlying problems in the installation area, weather delays, and the like fall into this category.

Complications could add a few hours of labor and some minor material costs, or could change a minor door installation into a major overhaul of a portion of your home—or, most likely, you could have your installation finish without incident or unexpected costs.


4) Scheduling

How quickly you want to make your installation happen may have an effect on labor costs, if you’re in a real rush and local contractors are busy. For this reason, patience or forethought is crucial in getting the best deal on your impact door installation.

If you’re trying to install a full set of impact-resistant doors and windows during the lead-up to a hurricane or similarly severe weather, you should anticipate highly inflated labor costs as you compete with every other property owner in the city.


5) WARRANTIES & Insurance

What sort of backing do you want on your impact doors? Backing your doors with additional guarantees, warranties, or insurance can add significantly to the cost of your doors, but offer peace of mind that your investment is reliable and sound for the foreseeable future.

These costs will depend on a number of factors; the installer, the manufacturer, your insurer, etc.


Final Advice for Potential Buyers

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Overall, the cost of installing an impact door in a popular style, without custom orders or expensive material choices, should end up costing between $2400 and $3000. Complications, labor shortages, and custom orders can cause these numbers to climb significantly, however.

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