How Renew Financial Helps Homeowners Purchase Impact Doors & Windows

Are you interested in adding impact windows or doors to your home? The team at Alco Windows and Doors is committed to showing you all your purchase options. Renew Financial is an organization making home improvement financing simple for renewable energy and energy-efficient products. 

Here are a few of the top advantages of using this option for Floridians interested in financing the installation of impact windows and doors.


1) A Simple Application Process

Renew Financial built their entire platform around the idea of simplicity. Apply online or by phone. You can expect a response to your application in 10 minutes or less. The whole process is free -whether you decide to work with the company or not.


2) Save Your Credit

One of the biggest reasons to consider using Renew Financial is that it doesn't alter your credit score just for applying.

No minimum FICO score is needed, and the soft credit pull will not impact your current rating. The company determines your financing amount according to the value of your property. It is repaid through your property taxes each year. 


3) Longer-Term Financing Options and Low-Interest Rates

Another reason to use Renew Financial is that it gives you the flexibility to choose longer-term financing options to keep your payments smaller. 

The company offers competitive interest rates to keep your payments lower and save you money in the long-term. Both fixed and variable rates are available.


Renew Financial

How to Begin the Application Process with Renew Financial

Renew Financial makes the application process simple and easy for anyone interested in using impact windows or doors. You can easily apply online or give them a phone call at 844-736-3934. You will only need your mortgage statement and a pay stub to help you look up vital information. 

Complete and sign your documents electronically, saving you time and potential headaches. You will only need to speak to a Renew Financial representative to confirm some information on your application. 

Once everything is finished, Renew Financial will give the contractor permission to begin work on your impact doors or windows.


Partner with Alco Windows & Doors for Impact Products

Alco Windows & Doors is a company located in Miami, Florida, specializing in installing impact products for a wide range of customers. 

We take pride in always providing high-quality workmanship while focusing on meeting the needs of each customer. Our primary objective is to help residents in Florida receive state of the art protection against hurricanes while maximizing energy efficiency. 

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Our skilled contractors have many years of experience in the industry, as we are a proud partner with Renew Financial. You can check out our website to learn more about impact windows and doors, and we are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Call or send a message today to learn how to Renew Financial can help homeowners purchase impact doors and windows!

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