How Secure are Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are always a popular option for homes of all types in the South Florida region. These glass doors make it easy to access the outside area while also filling your room with natural light. 

Many of these glass doors are designed to be energy-efficient, which can help you save a lot of money on your energy bill. The indoor-outdoor living trend also makes these glass doors a stylish choice for many homeowners in Florida.


How Traditional Sliding Glass Doors Fall Short

Sliding glass doors also have a few shortcomings, despite the many benefits of installing these doors in your home. One of the most significant drawbacks of investing in these doors is the potential security risks. Traditional sliding glass doors don't offer the same level of protection compared to other styles. Just some potential risks include:

1) Potential for Home Invasions

Sliding glass doors are a prime target for criminals, as they can easily break the glass to gain access to your house. Breaking the glass of a sliding door is much easier than attempting to pick a lock or trying to fit through a small window.

Installing impact glass gives your sliding doors much-needed protection against criminal activity, especially for retrofit and replacement projects.


2) Easy Entry for Storm-Borne Debris

Storm damage is also a major concern for anyone living in Florida, as hurricanes are all too common. Flying projectiles can shatter these glass doors and create significant safety hazards for anyone inside.

These damages can significantly raise your insurance premiums while also creating a lot of stress in trying to get these repairs fixed as soon as possible.


3) High Installation Difficulty

Trying to install sliding glass doors is also a significant undertaking that's not easy to do for most homeowners. Improper installation can create security risks, and it may not slide correctly.

Using a professional installer for sliding glass doors is essential for a smooth operation while also saving you a lot of time and hard work. Professionals can also handle custom sizes for retrofit projects to ensure your sliding glass door looks great after the installation finishes.


Introducing Impact Glass to Your Home

One way to manage safety concerns is to invest in impact glass for your sliding doors. Impact glass undergoes special testing to ensure the protection of your home from hurricane-force winds and flying projectiles.

Installing impact glass throughout your home is also a great way to give you additional protection from criminal break-ins, as it's almost impossible to break this glass due to its innovative design.


The Benefits of Impact Glass Doors

Impact glass doors are a necessity for anyone living in South Florida. These doors are perfect for all homes, as an installer can build custom sizes for retrofit projects. You will have peace of mind knowing that impact glass gives you the best protection against mother nature while also giving you additional security against break-ins. Other ancillary benefits include:


1) A Wide Array of Style Choices

One benefit of investing in impact glass doors is that they are available in a variety of styles. These doors are a perfect way to enhance the curb appeal of your home while also giving you much-needed protection. You can choose your own custom sizes for retrofit projects to ensure it fits perfectly, and it will always be a smooth operation every time you slide open the door.


2) Reduction in Exterior Noises

Keeping outside noise to a minimum is essential in creating a relaxing home environment. Constantly hearing the neighbor's barking dog or traffic from a busy highway is always a frustrating experience. An impact glass sliding door is a great way to reduce outside noise and make it much easier for you to relax at home. The multi-layered glass from impact doors can decrease outside noise up to 40% in most houses.


3) Improved Home Energy Efficiency

Impact glass doors are also energy-efficient and will protect your indoor items from harmful UV rays. Installing impact glass throughout your house can significantly decrease your energy bill and save you plenty of money over the long term. Using a professional installer of impact glass doors is vital to ensure the job is done right for retrofit and replacement projects.


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Impact sliding glass doors offer a wide range of benefits, such as protecting you against break-ins, improving energy efficiency, boosting curb appeal, and reducing outside noise. A variety of financing options are available.

You can also choose from numerous impact glass systems available in custom styles, as meeting the needs of each customer is always a top concern.

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