See The Damage Each Hurricane Category Can Do to Your Florida Home

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In addition to uprooting trees and blowing down power lines, a typical Florida hurricane can create massive damage to your home. Many experts believe that the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be even more active than usual.

The severity of a hurricane is officially measured in five distinct levels -according to the wind speed. Understanding the damaging impact of each category is essential in helping you prepare your Florida home for hurricane season. The large ones aren't the only storms to worry about!

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

Here is an overview of each category of a hurricane and the specific damage it can cause your home.


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Category 1 Hurricane

Cat 1 IllustrationCategory 1 hurricane is the least potent storm. However, typical winds between 74-95 mph can create plenty of damage, such as uprooting smaller trees or snapping off branches.

Category 1 hurricanes will typically cause power outages due to downed power lines. These power outages may only last for a few hours but have been known to last up to several days, depending on the scale of damage. 

These storms have the greatest chance of appearing with little warning. Make sure you know 5 safety steps you can take in 15 minutes if one pops up.


Category 2 Hurricane

CAT 2 Hurrcanehurricane is a Category 2 if the wind speeds reach between 96-110 mph, which is comparable to the speed of a fastball from an MLB pitcher. 

These strong winds can cause moderate damage to your property while also producing road blockages due to fallen trees. Even a well-built house will most likely suffer damage to the roof, gutters, and siding - which often loosen and detach from your home. 

The most significant concern a Cat-2 hurricane brings is the occurrence of flying debris. Branches, rocks, lawn decorations, and other more massive blunt objects can be thrown against your home with alarming force. Traditional windows and doors can suffer breaches, causing elements to enter your home's interior - including shattered pieces of glass.


Category 3 Hurricane

CAT 3 Hurricane


Category 3 hurricane is a significant threat due to wind speeds ranging between 111-129 mph. These vicious gusts can rip a roof or deck right from your home. Power and water outages are frequent and can last for days due to the severity of the storm. 

Flooding may also be a possibility, which can cause excessive damage to your foundation or ground floor. Traditional door frames are particularly at risk of warping and mold from this excess water intrusion. 


Category 4 Hurricane

CAT 4 HurricaneCategory 4 hurricane can easily create massive destruction due to the wind speed ranging between 130-156 mph. These strong winds can often wholly tear the roof and siding from your house. 

Large trees are also likely to be uprooted due to this massive storm. You can also expect power lines to come down, making it impossible to travel. The lasting impact of a Category 4 hurricane may cause severe delays in emergency personnel response and freeze a community's recovery for many months.

Having a dry, secure home is incredibly important to wait out these recovery efforts.


Category 5 Hurricane

CAT 5 HurricaneCategory 5 hurricane is the most dangerous storm and almost always comes with an evacuation order. The catastrophic winds will reach a minimum of 157 mph and can level an entire home. 

Many times the damaging impact of a Category 5 leaves residents homeless for many months due to structural damage. Significant damage to the roads and community infrastructure also exacerbate recovery efforts. 

Always staying up to date with the latest news is critical in having enough time to evacuate to keep you and your family safe against these destructive hurricanes. Little can be done to safeguard a home from severe damage in the event of a storm of this magnitude.

You can, however, minimize the impact by including these common features found in almost hurricane-proof homes.

Hurricane Warning Sticker

Don't Wait for the Inevitable - Protect Your Home With a Proven Safeguard.

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural disasters that Florida residents deal with on an annual basis. Stay proactive by investing in hurricane-proof materials for your home. A safe, incredibly effective solution are impact windows and doors. These products provide the ultimate storm protection.

Impact windows and doors come with NOAA-tested dual-pane glass made to withstand collisions and prevent shattering. In addition to their proven durability during storms, impact products also offer numerous ancillary benefits, including:

  • UV filtering to filter out harmful rays and reduce AC leakage, lowering your energy costs.
  • Noise reduction, keeping outside noises to a minimum.
  • Enhanced protection from home invasions thanks to shatter-resistant glass.
  • An almost-guaranteed reduction in your home insurance premiums, thanks to additional protection from impact products.
  • Improved curb appeal thanks to a beautiful selection of window styles and the elimination of unsightly hurricane shutters. 

Learn more about impact windows, doors, and overall hurricane safety with our free, comprehensive guides for homeowners.


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