Ideas for Sunrooms with Impact Windows and Doors

Let in the light with a sunroom addition to your South Florida home. A lovely sunroom, also known as a solarium or conservatory, will improve the value of your home while making use of Florida's sun.

A sunroom will attract warmth during the cooler winter months and it can be kept at a controlled temperature during the summer as long as you have the right type of windows and glass doors.

Impact glass

Impact resistant glass will protect the sunroom from heavy winds, rain, and airborne objects in all weather conditions. Your insurance company will appreciate this by offering lower premiums for your home. The glass serves as insulation to hold in the cooled air or even heat when necessary. While the sunroom lets in the light, it offers ultraviolet ray protection.

Impact windows must be professionally installed and tightly sealed to be effective in all weather. A tinted film can be added to the glass to reduce glare. The tinted windows may be necessary if your home is on the beach in a turtle nesting area. The tint must be strong enough to prevent any light in your home from distracting hatchling turtles as they head for the safety of the sea.

Sunroom styles

The are endless designs for sunrooms that make the best use of your space and your view. The room can lead to a swimming pool and garden area. It can have a non-slip hard surface floor to allow swimmers to come in out of the direct sun after a dip in the pool. They can still enjoy the view but they have that extra UV protection. The sunroom can also have a spa tub for year-round use.

Sunrooms can be constructed around patios. The windows enclose the area for added comfort and protection from the annoying flying insects. The windows can be screened if you want to open them. Your sunroom can be a dining room or living room or it can extend out from your kitchen.

Windows can be floor to ceiling or any combination of large and small sizes with panes. Glass doors can be sliders or more formal French doors. Windows may also extend beyond your roof and serve as the ceiling for your modern solarium or you can add a skylight.

A little trivia

Conservatories were once referred to as "Orangeries" in the British Isles since they provided enough warmth and sunlight to grow some species of oranges and other fruits in pots. Florida is world famous for orange groves but you can grow herbs and other indoor plants in your sunroom.

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