5 Reasons Your Property Needs Impact Windows and Doors

Florida is no stranger to severe weather storms and devastating winds. Taking precautions against mother nature’s ill-temper is one of the smartest moves you can make as a homeowner.

These steps might include boarding up your homes before every storm. While that’s a good temporary fix, it’s not a permanent solution! You need a permanent, simple solution to protect your home from severe storms. 

That’s why you should consider installing impact windows and doors. They are durable, long-lasting, stylish, and strong. Better yet, impact products are a permanent solution to the ever-present problem of dangerous weather. 

Keep reading to learn five critical reasons your home needs impact windows and doors.


Reason #1: Superior Storm Protection

Impact products are the popular choice for storm-prone areas. Why? Because these items come built to last! Impact windows and doors utilize a shatter-resistant film applied on either side of the window panes, sealing the glass inside. 

This fantastic design makes impact glass nearly impossible to break. Impact windows and doors can reliably protect your home from wind speeds up to 200 mph. That’s the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane!

Even if the window or door is struck by flying debris or faces extreme atmospheric pressures, the glass will stay intact. 

It may crack from severe blunt force, but shattering won’t occur! Instead, the glass forms a “spider” pattern - eliminating the threat of shards flying into your home.

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Reason #2: Protection Against Home Invasions

Impact products not only keep wind and debris out of your home, but they also can prevent home invasions.

How, you ask? The two layers of tempered glass sandwich an inner layer of shatter-proof polyvinyl material. That technology provides an additional barrier that denies an entry point to home invaders.


Reason #3: A Reduction in Exterior Noise

Impact-resistant windows and doors have become popular not only for their safety enhancements but also for their ability to make your home a quieter place.

Normal windows have little effect on outside disturbances, such as lawnmowers, cars, or parties at the neighbors. 

We all grow tired of loud noises disturbing our leisure time during the day or waking us up in the middle of the night.

Impact products use thick laminated glass and sturdy framing materials, which result in a decrease in external noise by as much as 40%. 


Reason #4: Lower Home Energy Costs

Did you know traditional windows are responsible for a quarter to a third of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling costs? That amount of waste really adds up.

On the contrary, impact windows and doors are unparalleled in giving you more energy efficiency. They come made with eco-friendly materials that reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. 

As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars on utility costs every month.


Reason #5: Boost Your Property Value

Everyone knows the saying, “don't judge a book by its cover.” However, many people base a home's appearance on its exterior, especially when it comes to buying property.

Investing in hurricane windows is an impressive way to give your home much-needed protection against mother nature while boosting curb appeal.

These hurricane windows and doors are available in a wide range of styles to help give your home an updated appearance. 



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