Unlock Home Safety: Why Palm Beach Gardens Needs Impact Windows Now

Palm Beach Gardens is quite literally a coastal paradise with its beautiful beaches and serene weather. However, this region is no stranger to the wrath of hurricanes and tropical storms.

While residents here relish the sunny days and coastal breezes, they are aware of the looming threat that hurricane season brings. Safeguarding homes becomes a top priority with the potential for strong winds and storm surges.

The current impact window revolution in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is a necessity. As the frequency and intensity of hurricanes in the region increase, the importance of these windows cannot be overstated. It's not merely a matter of convenience or a home upgrade but of safeguarding what matters most.

Here's a detailed impact windows guide for Palm Beach County.


Beyond Hurricanes: The Multifaceted Benefits of Impact Windows

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Impact windows are renowned for their hurricane-resistant qualities, but their advantages go far beyond just weather protection. They include:


1. Operational Reliability

Impact windows are built to last. They offer longevity that surpasses traditional options. What's more, they aren't just robust against storms; they're safer in case of fires, too.


2. Healthier Windows

These windows eliminate moisture build-up, preventing mold growth and improving indoor air quality. They also reduce the risk of asthma attacks by acting as a barrier against pollen, dust, and other allergens.


3. More Reliable Return on Investment

Investing in impact windows is a smart move. They enhance curb appeal, leaving a lasting impression, and improve the overall market value of your home.


4. Enhanced Safety and Security

Florida's sunny paradise isn't immune to security concerns. A burglary happens every 5 seconds in the state. 

Doors may be a more desirable entry point than windows, but don't underestimate the risks. Glass is the weakest part of your home's defense; thus, impact windows are a crucial security upgrade.


5. Better Noise Reduction

Impact windows keep exterior noise where it belongs – outside. Inside, you'll enjoy a peaceful living environment, free from the disturbances of the outside world.


6. Home Comfort

The sun's rays can turn your home into an oven, mainly for rooms on the south and west sides. Impact windows maintain an even temperature throughout your home, ensuring a comfortable living space no matter where you are.


7. Protection from Harmful UV Radiation

Beyond just discomfort, UV rays can wreak havoc on your interior by discoloring your furniture and other materials. Impact windows block up to 99% UV rays, preserving the beauty and longevity of your home's interior while keeping your home cooler and more energy-efficient.


Slash Your Energy Bills: The Efficiency of Impact Windows

Regarding the efficiency of impact windows, replacing your home's windows is a wise investment, particularly in preparation for the summer months. Energy-efficient windows are the key to reducing energy bills and maintaining a comfortable living environment. These windows provide monetary benefits and enhance your home's energy performance.

Older, drafty windows can contribute significantly to heat gain in your home, making it feel stuffy. By upgrading to brand-new energy-efficient models, you can effectively seal off your home's interior, allowing your air conditioner to cool your living space more efficiently.


Elevate your Home's Design: Impact Window Styles and Choices

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Your home is your sanctuary. Its design should reflect your unique style and needs. With the incredible versatility of Impact Windows Palm Beach Gardens, you can take your home's aesthetics and functionality to a whole new level.

But how do you decide which window type is best for your replacement project? Start by asking these questions:

  • Is the glass hurricane-resistant?
  • What window size do I need?
  • How do I need the window to function? (open outwards or inwards, slides sideways, number of openings, etc.)
  • Which room is the window being installed in? (basement and bathroom windows can be different from other spaces.)
  • How will the new windows look in the room?
  • How much light will the window let in?

So, which impact window styles are suitable for your home? Let's find out.


1. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung is the most common window style. These windows open vertically, with the bottom panel moving up and down while the upper section remains stationary. 


2. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows offer a versatile design where the lower and upper sashes can be opened and closed. They often come equipped with a tilt-out feature for easy cleaning and maintenance. 


3. Picture Windows

To fully embrace your picturesque outdoor views, nothing beats large picture windows. These windows cannot be opened, providing an unobstructed, frameless view of the surrounding landscape. Installing a sizable picture window can also make a room appear more spacious. 


4. Casement Windows

Casement windows operate with a crank handle, allowing them to swing outwards rather than sliding vertically or horizontally. This unique design enables a solid glass construction, providing an unobstructed view and exceptional energy efficiency. 


5. Awning Windows

Awning windows are particularly suitable for rainy climates, as they form a water-resistant awning when opened. These windows swing outward and are known for their weatherproof design and ease of cleaning. 


6. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a perfect choice for elongated wall spaces and can make small rooms appear more spacious. They consist of two sections or sashes, typically crafted from single windows, with one section sliding horizontally over the other to open or close. 


Expert Installation: The Key to Lasting Performance

Alco Installation Team

So far, you already know that Palm Beach is a hurricane-prone area. Therefore, expert installation ensures impact windows' lasting performance and effectiveness.

You need to work with expert companies like Alco Windows and Doors.

Alco Windows and Doors stands out as one of the top choices for impact window installation in Palm Beach Gardens. Our reputation is built on superior product quality and outstanding customer service.

Being veteran-owned and operated, Alco brings discipline, commitment, and attention to detail that's second to none.

Alco has earned its place as one of the top 50 fastest-growing companies in Florida and a 5-star rating, a testament to our consistent growth and commitment to excellence.

Here are more reasons why you should work with Alco for your next project:

  • Frequent and reliable communication: With dedicated account managers providing regular project updates, you'll always be in the know about your installation progress.
  • Licensed, insured, and accredited: Alco is a registered and accredited business that meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Superior installation experience: Alco goes the extra mile to ensure a flawless installation. Our experts use top-quality products during installation, from marine-grade sealants (OSI Sealants) for superior seals to heavy-duty screws (tap-con screws) for secure window mounting. Alco even takes the time to fill gaps in concrete with wood buck frames, ensuring a secure fit that prevents bending and warping.


Navigating Local Regulations in Palm Beach Gardens

One of the Florida Building Code's key aspects is to follow the specific regulations for your region. Palm Beach resides in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone with a wind speed of over 140 mph. 

Therefore, structures in this region must ensure the entire exterior, including windows and doors, meets wind-resistant design standards verified through laboratory testing.

There's another requirement for people who live within a mile of a coastal area that experiences high winds of over 100 mph. They must adhere to local regulations that require impact-resistant windows or external protective measures, such as hurricane shutters. 

In places like Palm Beach Gardens, which fall under the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), all home exterior openings, including garage doors and windows, must be impact-resistant or have shutters to ensure safety during hurricanes.

What about installation? To get a permit for impact window installation in Palm Beach Gardens, you must provide relevant information about those windows. This includes the manufacturer's name, approval numbers, and appropriate materials.


Stay Informed with Alco Windows and Doors

Alco Doral

If you reside in Palm Beach Gardens, understanding why you need impact windows now is crucial. At Alco Windows and Doors, We believe our communities can be safer and stronger when people are confident in protecting their homes, families, and livelihoods.

We understand the importance of protecting your home from hurricanes. We provide the best impact windows and doors to ensure you comply with the Palm Beach County building regulations. 

When you're ready, contact us to request a free estimate.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are impact windows a game-changer for Palm Beach Gardens?

Impact windows are a game-changer for Palm Beach Gardens due to the city's vulnerability to hurricanes. These windows protect against high winds and flying debris, safeguarding homes and occupants during storms. Additionally, they enhance energy efficiency, reducing cooling and heating costs, which is vital in the warm Florida climate.

  1. How do impact windows save me money in the long run?

Impact windows lead to long-term cost savings in several ways:

  • They enhance energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer, reducing the workload on your HVAC system, and lowering your energy bills.
  • They offer protection from hurricane damage, potentially saving you substantial repair and replacement costs.
  • Many insurance providers offer discounts for homes with impact windows, reducing insurance premiums.
  • Impact windows can increase your home's resale value, providing a return on investment when you sell your property.
  1. What styles and designs are available for my home?

Several impact window styles and designs are available for your home, each catering to different preferences and needs. Options include single-hung and double-hung windows for versatile ventilation, picture windows for unobstructed views, casement windows for a clean, modern look with excellent energy efficiency, awning windows for rain resistance and easy cleaning, and sliding windows for elongated spaces. 

  1. How do local regulations affect my window choices?

Local regulations in Florida significantly influence window choices, particularly in hurricane-prone areas like Palm Beach Gardens. These regulations dictate design, impact resistance, and permitting requirements to ensure windows are hurricane-ready and meet stringent safety standards. Compliance with Palm Beach's local regulations is essential for homeowners to safeguard their properties and adhere to the city's unique building code requirements.


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