Save Money on Apartment Renovations With Impact Doors and Windows

Impact doors and windows offer many advantages for property managers considering apartment renovations in Florida. These impact doors and windows are incredibly durable and are an excellent long-term investment. 

Impact doors and windows are easy to maintain and are also energy efficient. Ultimately, this results in significant cost-savings for anyone considering these products.


Here are the top three benefits of using impact doors and windows for your apartment renovation:


#1) Protection From Storms

Florida Storm

One of the primary benefits of using impact doors and windows is that it gives you the ultimate protection from storms. Hurricanes can cause massive damage and are an all too common occurrence for Florida residents.

However, the use of impact windows and doors will minimize property damage due to the additional layers of glass and synthetic material. Ultimately, this makes it much more difficult to shatter even against the strongest winds.


#2) Increased Property Security

Burglar Window

An additional benefit of using impact doors and windows is that it significantly increases the safety of your tenants. These products not only protect tenants from intense storms, but also make home invasions much more difficult.

Thanks to their sturdy construction, impact windows are incredibly resilient to any blunt force hits, cracking but rarely shattering.This added layer of safety will give your tenants the peace of mind to know that they are much safer on your property compared to apartments using traditional glass windows and doors.


#3) Enhanced Marketability

Apartment WalkthroughMarketability is key to finding the right tenants for your apartment buildings. Impact doors and windows are a great marketing tool to attract desirable potential residents, as the increased safety from storms and break-ins offers increased peace of mind.

Property managers can also choose from numerous design styles to match existing architectural styles, as impact products are a fantastic way to improve curbside appeal. Add it all together, and impact windows and doors are one of the best investments for anyone considering an apartment renovation.


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Impact Windows and Doors - An Excellent Long-Term Investment

Hiring a qualified installer for impact doors and windows is an important investment that will save you a significant amount of money in the long-term. Alco Windows and Doors is one of the leading companies that specialize in large-scale apartment renovations in South Florida.

They understand the importance of installing windows and doors that provide protection from severe storms while increasing the overall safety of your tenant. Their customer-first support team are more than happy to answer any questions, so reach out today to learn more about impact products and schedule a free consultation!

Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

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