Stunning Restaurant Layout and Design Ideas to Create Buzz

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The restaurant industry in Florida is a healthy one! Not only does it provide thousands of individuals with careers, but it plays a vital role in the local economy, city- and state-wide.

In 2018, Florida was home to an astounding 41,366 eating and drinking locations. These restaurants contributed to a $50.1 billion industry and supplied 12 percent of the state with employment. 

While this is fantastic news for consumers, it lends itself to a little competition for business owners. What's one significant way that you, as a restaurant owner, can appeal to crowds and generate buzz? With a modern, stunning restaurant layout.

Having a contemporary restaurant design is crucial to your business. It increases foot track, improves exposure (think of all the Instagram posts!), and generates a positive customer buzz. These things are all crucial to the success of your Florida restaurant.

Without further ado, we'll highlight some of the trending designs in restaurant layouts. Consider making some upgrades to stay current with the times.


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Open concept restaurant

Allow for a Visible Kitchen

Many restaurants are considering this fun update that allows guests to see all the action going on in the kitchen!

Instead of keeping your kitchen behind-the-scenes, you can consider making it front-and-center. Guests receive food from waitstaff, and as they order food, they can watch their meals being prepared right before their eyes. Chefs can deliver the food directly to the guests, even explaining things on the plate if they wish.

Not only does this provide an exciting and intimate experience for customers, but it also encourages kitchen staff to remain up-to-par with cleanliness. Let's admit—the odds of a chef sneezing into his or her elbow and continuing their work without hand-washing goes way down when customers are looking right at them. 


outdoor restaurant space

Promote Fun With a Lush Outdoor Space

Speaking of fun updates, what other trend is encouraging restaurant-goers to loosen up and enjoy themselves more fully?

Outdoor spaces like beer gardens or patios are becoming increasingly more popular. They give guests a lovely space to have their restaurant experience right outside with nature. On beautiful days, your customers will love sitting outside, soaking up the sun, or feeling the cool breeze.

If you have the means, you can even consider installing a garage door near the front, back, or side of your establishment. Perhaps you can leave the garage door open on days with more beautiful weather, allowing even the inside guests to benefit from the temperatures and sunshine. 

This upgrade is hard if you don't have space—but if there's even a few tables and chairs set up outside next to some lush greenery, you can promote the outdoor experience. If you have an unused dirt lot, considering putting down fresh sod and planting some low-maintenance shrubbery. 

Encourage people to play outside by adding games like a big Jenga set up or cornhole.  


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Create a Mosaic Photo Wall

There's no going around it—Instagram has become a significant player for local businesses. Since 2014, the number of Instagram users has increased by an astounding 357 percent. What does this have to do with your restaurant and its layout?

Well, 72 percent of Instagram users report making purchasing decisions after seeing something while scrolling on the photo app. Even if you're not utilizing social media (and you should be), your guests are. If they post photos of your space, it could influence their friends and family members also to give your restaurant a try.

Something that can help increase your social media presence, even more, is by having a photo wall in or outside the building. Maybe you have a vertical garden set up right outside the front door, where guests can pose right in front. Or perhaps you hire a local artist to paint a mural inside or outside of your building, giving customers another fantastic photo opportunity.

This small investment will pay off, as the numbers show. The more photo ops your restaurant provides, the more you'll increase your internet exposure. This strategy results in more guests, more sales, and more revenue.

Additionally, this is a relatively low-cost, one-time purchase that doesn't require a ton of remodeling.

Speaking of convenient upgrades—let's look at one final idea, which balances practicality with aesthetics.


Modern Restaurant Interior

Consider Adding Impact Windows and Doors

What's one restaurant layout upgrade you can do that not only looks fresh and new but protects your restaurant? Installing impact windows and doors

Floridians are slowly but surely adapting to our more tumultuous weather, and having impact windows and doors has been a building-saver for many a commercial property. 

In fact, impact-resistant windows were one of the first significant measures taken to protect from natural events like hurricanes. This allows buildings to stand up to hurricane-force winds.

Additionally, impact windows and doors also protect against burglars and intruders.

They can even lower energy bills by keeping cold air in and hot air out during the summer months (and the opposite during the winter). With less harsh light coming in, that equates to less heat, your restaurant will have to compensate for with A/C. This results in lowered energy bills, which makes it not only a smart upgrade but an affordable one, especially long-term.  


modern restaurant layout

Which Restaurant Layout Will You Choose? 

Now, you don't have to implement all these ideas to make an impact. Consider one or two upgrades to your space. Even the smallest updates can make a significant impact on your clientele and their satisfaction.

And we all know that satisfied customers equal a more hustling, bustling business.

Installing impact windows and doors is a great place to start. Not only do they look great, but they improve the structure of your space and don't require a ton of remodeling. Additionally, they provide more security and stability during the stormier months of the year.


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