The 5 Best Sites to List Rental Properties

Finding the best digital platforms to advertise your rental properties is a great way to reach more potential tenants and maximize revenue. 

The internet has transformed the way we advertise for rentals and has replaced older methods such as putting a sign in the yard or displaying an ad in the local newspaper. 

You can now choose from an almost countless number of websites and digital platforms to list your rental property. Some of these sites are entirely free to use, while others may charge posting fees. However, these digital platforms are one of the best ways to fill vacant properties as quickly as possible while minimizing lost revenue.


Here are the top five digital platforms to use for advertising rental properties:


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#1) Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most popular sites for local purchasing, with over 50 billion page views each month. Property managers can easily upload photos and write a description of the rental property for only a small fee. 

These online classifieds are also divided by cities, which makes it simple for potential tenants to find your property in a specific area. One of the keys to succeeding on Craigslist is to keep updating your ad every few days to maximize exposure. You can also use the Craiglist app, available on iOS and Android, for additional convenience when posting and updating property listings.



#2) Cozy

Cozy is free-to-use and can be highly effective in helping you find top-quality leads for your rental property. 

The platform uses a property management tool that provides property managers with a variety of features, including background checks, online rental applications, credit checks, and rent collection portals. 

Cozy sets itself apart from other sites by allowing apartment postings to go out via an email list or to social media accounts with the click of a button. The listings on Cozy also sync with other popular websites, such as OodleDoorsteps, and Realtor

Property managers also have the flexibility to share a URL listing via text message with potential tenants. Cozy also provides an app to make it easy to access all of this information on your smartphone.



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#3) Avail

Avail is a website that provides a wide range of tools to advertise rental properties. The site is free to use, but various upgrade plans offer additional in-depth features such as collecting rent and signing lease paperwork.

A 30-day free trial is available to ensure complete satisfaction with the service. Avail doesn't currently have an app, but it is in development for the future. 


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#4) Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager is an excellent option for property managers, as it allows the listing of rental properties on 26 partner websites for maximum exposure. A few examples of these sites include MSN Real EstateHotpads, and Zillow

Provide detailed listings for properties, including unit size, amenities, and district/community information. 

Best of all? The platform is free to use! 

Zillow Rental Manager has one of the largest online property databases, with over 110 million homes listed on the site. The website is easy to use, as potential tenants can quickly sort properties by filtering a wide range of features. Prospective tenants can also easily compare listings side by side. The platform is also available as a mobile app.


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 #5) Trulia

Trulia provides the option to post rental listings for free while also pushing property info to 20 other websites for additional exposure. 

The main benefit of Trulia is its simple interface. The platform is easy for any renter to use. Individuals searching for new homes can sort properties by various categories while also seeing a group of photos with each listing. 

Trulia also provides detailed data such as neighborhood information, community insights, and all other properties available for rent or sale in the local area. 

Property managers can upload unlimited amounts of pictures, post contact information, and share open-house appointments on the Trulia app.


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Finding the best digital platform for posting rental properties can help fill vacancies quickly. There is no substitute for an attractive, modern space for today's renters, however. Make sure to explore renovation options regularly to keep your properties in demand with high-quality renters.

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