Who Are the Top Impact Door Manufacturers in Miami?

Choosing to install impact-resistant windows and doors for your Miami Dade home is one of the most important investments in keeping your home safe. Unfortunately, hurricanes and extreme weather are all too common occurrences for anyone living in the city of Miami or the surrounding areas. 

These storms can cause massive damage to your home due to the high winds and flying debris. Installing impact-resistant entry doors will give you an added layer of protection against these natural disasters. 

However, trying to choose the best Miami impact door manufacturers isn't an easy decision due to the wide range of available options. Some manufacturers may only offer specific product lines, such as sliding glass doors, patio doors, or French doors. 

Learning more about the different manufacturers can help you determine the best fit to meet your needs while staying in compliance with local building codes.

Here is an overview of the most popular hurricane impact door manufacturers for Miami Dade.


Andersen Windows & Doors

Andersen Windows & Doors offers a variety of hurricane impact doors that offer the best protection against coastal storms. These doors are specially tested to handle extreme weather conditions and high winds. 

The company has over 115 years of experience in the industry, as they are one of the most trusted impact door manufacturers.


CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors

CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors are built to last while handling extreme weather conditions in the city of Miami. These hurricane impact doors are also available in numerous product lines, whether you are interested in entry doors, French doors, cabana doors, or sliding glass doors. 

The company has decades of experience while also taking an active part in the Miami Dade community.

Eco Window Systems

Eco Window Systems offers hurricane impact doors to keep you and your family protected against extreme weather. You can choose from a few different options, such as impact sliding glass doors and single or double French doors. 

The team at Eco Window Systems takes pride in meeting the needs of each customer while being one of the top Miami impact door manufacturers.


Marvin Windows & Doors

Marvin Windows & Doors offers coastal product lines that provide protection against hurricanes, as they are a family-owned and operated business that's been open since 1912. 

These impact doors are available in a variety of customizable options that are designed to comply with Miami Dade building codes. Installing these hurricane impact doors offers protection against extreme weather while also remaining energy efficient.


Mr. Glass Doors & Windows

Mr. Glass is a top Miami impact door manufacturer that sells its product to homeowners and businesses. A few of the most popular options include impact sliding glass doors and French doors. 

The mission at Mr. Glass is to always provide top-quality products that offer long-lasting value to each customer. All of their impact doors are certified for small and large missile impact tests while meeting HVHZ testing requirements.


Pella Windows & Doors

Pella offers hurricane impact patio doors that are designed to handle extreme weather conditions. Other impact-resistant products include hinged patio doors and multi-slide patio doors that can dramatically boost the visual appeal of your home. 

These impact product lines offer superior protection while giving you plenty of customization options.


PGT Custom Windows + Doors

PGT Custom Windows + Doors offers modern energy-efficient products that are designed to withstand the high winds of a hurricane. You can choose from numerous styles, such as aluminum sliding glass doors, cabana, or French doors. 

PGT Custom Windows + Doors has over four decades worth of experience in producing top-quality impact products.


Weather Shield Windows & Doors

Weather Shield Windows & Doors specialize in impact-resistant products while also offering some of the best warranties available in the industry. 

Putting customers first is the philosophy of the company, as they have been producing top-quality products since 1955. You will always have peace of mind by investing in impact-resistant entry doors.


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Get Help With Products AND Installation From Alco Windows and Doors

Alco Windows and Doors is one of the top installers of hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors in the city of Miami. These impact windows and doors are designed to meet local building codes while giving you the best protection against severe weather. 

Impact glass also offers other benefits, such as reducing outside noise, deterring break-ins, protecting against UV rays, lowering your insurance, and they are energy efficient. You can also select from a wide range of styles that can help you increase the curb appeal of your home.

Our talented team at Alco has more than three decades of combined experience in the industry, as performing top-quality work at an affordable rate is our priority. We can also help you choose from numerous financing options.

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