How Alco Is Operating During COVID-19 Outbreak

As a local family business, we wanted to outline the steps we are taking to continue operations. Here in South Florida, we have an incoming threat that we also need to prepare for, hurricanes.

Scheduling an appointment:

Option 1: (Virtual meeting)

In an effort to bridge the social distancing gap, when scheduling an appointment, we can perform our entire presentation via video conferencing software, Zoom. With Zoom, you can see and speak to one of our sales reps via video, as well as view our presentation. Our presentations are also recorded and will be provided to you for reference.


Option 2: (Print materials dropped off)

If technology is not your strong suit, we can also drop off print materials to your doorstep and review over the phone.


Option 3: (In-person)

If you would like to meet in person, we are taking the proper precautions by using masks, gloves and disposable shoe covers. However, we prefer to limit this interaction to conserve the supply of masks for our first responders, elderly, and sick.


To provide you a quote, we still need to visit your property for measurements. We do not need to enter your property, though, as we can measure your windows and doors from the outside.


You can schedule an appointment for any of these options here:

Book a Free Appointment 

Or you can call us at 888.877.2526


Testing our staff:

Since the US is currently in a short supply of Coronavirus testing kits, we are holding off on proactively testing our team to ensure first responders, the elderly, and symptomatic people receive these tests first. When tests become readily available to everyone, we will regularly test at the expense of Alco. 


Regarding your Impact Windows Order:


Installations will continue for counties and associations that allow us to. During the installation, our team will be wearing protective gloves and masks. Also, after each day of installation, our team will sanitize all work areas with a Hospital grade Centers for Disease Control & Protection (CDC) approved cleaning solutions.


The factory:

Because South Florida has hurricanes as another looming threat, impact window and door manufacturers are continuing to process orders. All of our factory partners have informed us of the enhanced steps they are taking to protect their staff and community.


Inspections / Permits:

As of July 8, all permitting departments for all cities are open for business. However, due to the backlog of work, permit approvals are taking longer, depending on the city. Due to the dynamic nature of the situation please contact us for more details.


We are committed to protecting our community and providing the best options, given the circumstances. We have a little joke in the Marine Corps, "Semper Gumby," which means "Always Flexible," and that is our commitment to you.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please give us a call.


Updated March 23, 2020

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