Who Are the Top Impact Window Manufacturers?

Every year, the eastern coast of the United States gets hit on average by one or two hurricanes. While devastating hurricanes have been rare in the past, scientists warn that hurricanes are likely to become more intense in the coming years due to global warming.

This makes now an important time for homeowners to be proactive and protect themselves against the high winds that hurricanes and tropical storms bring by installing impact windows and doors.

What impact windows are right for you? Here's a quick guide to a few of the more notable impact window manufacturers based right here in South Florida:


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ES Windows Logo

ES Windows

ES Windows is a unique impact window manufacturer that began as a manufacturer of something completely different: solar panels. Back in 1984, the company was one of the first American shops to design and manufacture commercial solar panels.

Over the years, they transitioned and added windows into their line, including a superb line of hurricane-resistant windows and doors that was first introduced in 2002. Yet, while their product lines have evolved over their years, their focus on sustainability has remained the same and their products continue to be renown for their energy savings.

Today, ES Window products can be seen across the globe in a number of large commercial and residential projects.


PGT Windows Logo

PGT Custom Windows + Doors

PGT is a verifiable authority in impact windows and doors, having been one of the first manufacturers to collaborate with Miami-Dade County to establish stringent testing protocols for impact-resistant products.

In 1996, they were the first manufacturer to offer a full-suite of hurricane-ready doors and windows. Today, they offer a variety of products that, in addition to being capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, also go further to keep energy costs down, prevent noise transfer, and add to the security profile of a building.


CGI LogoCGI Windows & Doors

CGI was founded in 1992 and released its first impact window product line the following year. The Miami company's focus on providing nice aesthetics with a more contemporary style proved to be a big hit and they quickly rose to be one of the preferred window manufacturers of the area.

In 2014, PGT Industries acquired CGI and the company now operates as one of their subsidiaries. Yet, despite this acquisition, CGI Windows & Doors continues to release an exciting array of products that make it a standout choice.

This manufacturer continues to be renown for its focus on meshing strength with fantastic contemporary style -- making them a great choice for the homeowner concerned with the aesthetics of their project.



Windoor Logo


WinDoor is another excellent niche impact window manufacturing company that operates as a subsidiary of PGT Industries. This company is renown for its aluminum and stainless steel products that go far above the high-performance standards required of impact windows.

It is this stellar performance that has made WinDoor impact windows a premier product of choice for many South Florida high-rise condominiums, five-star resorts, and other large residential and commercial properties.



Eco Windows Logo

Eco Window Systems

Eco Window Systems is a young, independently-owned manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors. Where most of the above manufacturers produce several lines of impact windows and doors in addition to other products, all of Eco Window Systems's products are built to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Their products can be seen throughout Florida and the Caribbean in both small residences and large commercial properties. Eco Window Systems is renown for its beautiful products that both protect against high winds and help contribute to a more comfortable home via reduced noise transfer and enhanced thermal envelope.


Mr Glass Logo

Mr. Glass Windows

This is a one of South Florida's most cutting-edge window and door manufacturers. Mr. Glass Windows has invested in the best equipment in the industry and has thus become renown for manufacturing products of the highest quality and durability.

As with their competitors, their impact windows can be seen in major residential and commercial projects throughout Florida and the Caribbean area.



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Florida Residents! It's Time to Consider Impact Windows.

Due to Florida's high probability of hurricane-force windows, it should come as no surprise that so many outstanding impact window manufacturers have started here and have continued to create such stellar projects for local residential and commercial applications.

These are manufacturers who have seen the impact hurricanes have done and have worked hard to create long-lasting products that provide outstanding safety and aesthetic value for customers of every type.

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