What are the Different Types of Impact Door Styles

You might think that an impact door needs to be made of solid steel to withstand high winds and flying debris. But the truth is, impact doors have the same inherent advantages as impact windows. That's obviously important when you're considering a patio door or sliding glass door for your home, as those contain a lot of glass and need to be completely weatherproof to properly ensure safety.

Say goodbye to bulky shutters – impact doors are incredibly strong, regardless of the high glass content. That's because the impact glass used in say, a sliding glass door, can withstand the nine-pound impact of a 2X4 piece of lumber hurtling at over 30 miles per hour.

Impact Doors Come in Contemporary Styles

You don't have to sacrifice beauty for safety, either – sure, impact doors often get the highest NFRC and Energy Star ratings in both residential and commercial settings, but they also come in a variety of styles and materials.They look great, and truly shine when it comes to energy efficiency.

Metal Doors

Stainless steel or aluminum metal doors can be good choices for the country’s more hurricane-prone regions. These stand up well against heavy winds, hurricanes, and even the flying debris that tornadoes kick up too.

Steel doors can actually emulate the appearance of handpicked wood grain in terms of texturing. Steel doors are usually selected for security reasons, but because they require such little upkeep and can be easily installed with bonded hinges and hold fasts, they're gaining popularity among homeowners.

Fiberglass Doors

Designers and manufacturers love working with fiberglass because it molds easily and gives you the ability to create any design you want. You can have the door frame that you've always wanted without worrying about it getting distorted or warped over time.Bonus? Fiberglass is also super easy to clean.

Whether you want a single fiberglass front door or two doors that swing out, a fiberglass wood frame can increase curb appeal and bring incredibly realistic mahogany or maple tones to your home.

Using impact glass in a fiberglass door gives you all the protection you'll need against heavy weather.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are popular in tropical parts of the country because they allow you to create a seamless flow between your outdoor and indoor spaces. Impact sliding glass doors offer energy efficiency, security, natural light, and a surprising amount of customization options.

French Doors

Millions of homeowners consider French doors an elegant style option when they're choosing a new home or looking to renovate their existing home. The good news:French doors are much more affordable, versatile, and sturdy than you might have been lead to believe.

Impact French doors can be used to separate the indoors from porches, verandas, pool areas, and patios. They can also be used to separate two interior rooms to maximize space.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are ideal for separating a terrace or patio from your indoor space. These kinds of doors can come with insulated-laminated glass for a surprising amount of protection against the elements.

Bifold impact doors fold back at two points and allow you to let in natural light without skimping on energy efficiency or curb appeal.

Entryway Doors

Entryway doors can be front doors, back doors, or side doors and be constructed from a variety of materials (fiberglass, metal, or wood). Just make sure that your entryway doors contain a layer of laminated glass so they're totally weatherproof.

Both impact windows and impact doors are constructed with heavy-duty frames made of vinyl or aluminum, and each can contain an inner laminated layer to protect your home.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your home before the next hurricane season hits the Miami area, visit Alco Windows and Doors for more information or call 888-877-2526 today.

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