What's Hot and What's Not in Restaurant Equipment for 2020

17% of restaurants close in their first year. This number is quite high, and as a restaurant owner, you want your business to avoid any early exit.

Perhaps you've already made it past the first year; in that case, congratulations! However, the hard part's not over yet. You have to keep up with the times to remain successful.

Part of doing so is ensuring your restaurant equipment is up-to-date and efficient. That means you may have to replace them at some point.

If you're planning on purchasing restaurant equipment soon, then you'll want to keep reading. We'll tell you what's hot (and what's not) for 2020.


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3-Stage Dishwashing Machine

Have you been relying on your poor (human) dishwasher to handle the large volumes of dishes that come through your kitchen? Then they may be having a tough time keeping up with the three stages for cleaning those plates: wash, rinse, and sanitize. 

Additionally, it may be taking them quite some time to get through. By the time those dishes finish, another round of dirty dishes needs attending.

Streamline this process by getting a 3-stage dishwashing machine. It can wash, rinse, and sanitize all your dishes, but in larger volumes and in a shorter amount of time.

Many commercial dishwashers go through a whole cycle in under 2 minutes. Simply pull down the hood to start the cycle.

With one of these, you can free up one of your employees for more important tasks.


Salamander Broiler

Salamander Broilers

If you need something to finish off your platings in just the perfect way, then your restaurant needs a salamander broiler. You can quickly fire it up to do things like melt cheese, brown casseroles, or broil salmon. You can even use a salamander broiler to reheat food that's been pre-cooked!


If you find yourself getting high volumes of food orders, then salamander broilers can help out in a pinch, as they're used for medium to high-volume settings. So if you don't have one in your kitchen already, then you need to get one pronto!


ventless hood system

Ventless Hood Systems

If you're opening a restaurant and found you can't install a traditional hood system for whatever reason, don't despair. You won't have to seek out a new space. Instead, you can have a ventless hood system installed.

Instead of drawing air out of a traditional vent, a ventless hood system will both circulate the air and collect the accumulated grease. It'll also recirculate the air to keep your kitchen from feeling too stale.


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An Updated POS

Perhaps you've been taking down all your orders by hand. Or maybe you do have a POS, but its operating system is severely outdated. Because of this, your restaurant processes can get a bit chaotic at times.

Today, you have lots of choices when it comes to digital POS technology. The most basic ones require you to still run a customer's credit card up to the POS itself, but some more sophisticated ones allow them to pay right at their table. 

This installation can save your servers some trouble and also allow your diners to be in control of when they pay the bill and leave the establishment.

Modern POS systems also allow you to hook up to online ordering services quickly. If you've wanted to offer customers takeout options, an updated POS will enable you to integrate an online ordering service smoothly.


Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu Boards

In addition to investing in an updated POS, you should also consider getting some digital menu boards to put in front of your restaurant. This addition can help you streamline your business operations, as customers get to look at your menu and preorder their food while they're waiting.

When they're able to order food while waiting for a table, your diners will get served their meals a lot quicker when they sit down. This shortcut can also cut down on some work for your servers, as they won't have to take many of their customers' initial orders.



food pickup

Food Pick-Up Lockers

If you offer fast food, then truly make it "fast" by providing your customers' food pick-up lockers.

How many times have you ordered fast food, heard your number called, then waited forever for the employee to finish handling the queue before handing you your order?

By installing food pick-up lockers, you can ensure your customers get their orders in a flash. Plus, there's an element of novelty to it, which can create a buzz, especially online on your diners' social media accounts!


restaurant kitchen interior

Get the Best Restaurant Equipment for Your Establishment

Having the best restaurant equipment not only helps your crew do their jobs better, but it also drives better service for your customers. 

While it may take a small investment to purchase new equipment, it will pay for itself in improved operations for your restaurant. 

In addition to putting some money into new restaurant equipment, you should also think about redoing your windows and doors. These are some of the first things your customers see, and if they're in disrepair and let in cold air, they won't want to dine at your establishment.


Learn more about refreshing your eatery in our FREE guide for Florida Restaurant owners!


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While you're investing in new equipment, do a complete overhaul of your restaurant by having your windows and doors replaced. The end result will be a top-notch restaurant diners will flock to.

Would you like to hear more about impact window and door services for restaurants? Book a free appointment with us now!

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