5 Window Issues to Examine during Property Manager Inspections

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One of the primary points of property manager inspections are to carefully examine each window in the home. A window can experience a variety of issues over time due to standard wear and tear. 

Staying aware of typical window issues is critical to ensure that dwellings remain attractive, functional, and perform optimally for HVAC efficiency.

Here are five window issues that every property manager should look for during an inspection.


Broken Window Pane


#1) Check for Broken Glass or Cracks

One of the most apparent signs of a window problem is broken or cracked glass. A broken window can happen due to a variety of reasons, whether a child accidentally hits a baseball through the glass or if a large bird flies into the window. 

A property manager needs to carefully inspect each window to ensure signs of splintering, especially small ones. Even a hairline crack can grow over time, causing more and more issues as a result. Take time to make sure each window remains in optimal condition without any small cracks that can eventually get bigger over time.


Window Condensation


#2) Look for Condensation Between Panes

Another important tip is to look for condensation between the window panes that may signal potential problems. Condensation usually occurs due to a hole in either the glass or frame. Re-sealing can sometimes be an option before completing an outright replacement.

Window condensation can lead to a higher energy bill while also negatively impacting the appearance of the home. Always verifying that the seal remains unbroken in each window is a top priority during a property inspection.


Window Opening Inspection


#3) Verify Window Opens & Closes

Checking to see that each window easily opens and closes is always a good idea during a property inspection. A window may initially appear to be in good condition, but not being able to open a window is a major red flag for both the resident and property manager. 

A window may also be difficult to open due to lack of use. Areas with consistent hot and humid weather, such as South Florida, mean windows are infrequently opened and closed. This lack of use leads to sticking and hinge issues.  

Taking the time to open and close each window is well worth the effort to ensure that a window is working correctly. The ability to open windows is critical, especially in emergencies. 


Property Inspection Checklist


Window Screen Rip


#4) Ensure Window Screens are in Good Condition

Verifying that window screens remain in good condition is another essential aspect of a property inspection. 

A window screen allows for residents to enjoy fresh air without worrying about bugs or debris entering the home. However, a window screen can eventually tear over time and requires periodic maintenance. 

Always inspecting each window screen is a good idea to ensure outside elements remain where they belong.


Window Frame Mold


#5) Check Window Framing Closely

Even if the glass, hinges, and screens all pass initial inspection, take an extra moment to examine the window frame. 

A rotted or warped window frame can cause a wide range of issues, including air leakage, mold growth, progressive rot, and decreased dwelling aesthetics. A window frame that remains in excellent condition plays a crucial role in improving the entire appearance and functionality of a dwelling. 

Always checking the condition of the window frame is a great way to identify any potential problems that may get worse over time.


Window Retrofits


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Always staying aware of typical window issues is a top priority during a property inspection. If problems arise, a retrofit solution may be the best option. 

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