The Top 5 Affordable Home Security Options for South Florida Residents

Statistics published for the first six months of 2022 show that robberies are rising in the Miami-Dade area. There were 50% more robberies in the first half of 2022 than in the first half of 2021!

We'll look at some of the best options available to keep unwanted visitors out of your home.

It's common to hear reports of homes being burglarized. Aside from the financial loss, it is a profoundly traumatic experience for the family involved. Now more than ever, South Florida families need affordable home security solutions that they can rely on.



Top Affordable Home Security Picks for South FL Homeowners

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 We understand home security options can vary greatly by property. That's why we've compiled product ideas with stock track records for boosting property safety for South Florida homeowners.


1) Impact Windows and Doors

Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes. But in recent years, many have upgraded hurricane security with impact windows and doors.

Updated building codes mean newer homes have installed reliable, shatter-resistant windows as the standard. But many homes built before 1992 are still vulnerable. Traditional windows won't protect your home from intruders (and are sometimes even dangerous)

Impact doors and windows provide extra protection by not blowing into the room like regular glass. So if they sustain an impact or are buffeted by severe winds, they'll hold in place even if they crack. Some systems also use an inner membrane technology that prevents the glass from blowing into your home.


Choosing Impact Windows for Home Security

The qualities that provide protection during hurricanes can also help keep burglars out. Burglars will scope your home, looking for a weak entry point that they can exploit. Typically, windows and glass doors allow them to break in.

But with hurricane doors and impact windows, your home is an unappealing proposition. Even if they try to smash their way in, the glass will stand in their way.


Strong Window Frames Improve Overall Hardiness

Impact doors and windows are only as strong as their frames! You can install the most challenging glass out there, but if it's in a wood or PVC frame, you'll soon need help. They're both prone to warping and cracking over time, compromising your security.

Instead, look for a company that installs hurricane windows and doors with aluminum or vinyl frames. They're incredibly hard-wearing and durable and need very little maintenance. They look great, boosting your home's curb appeal while telling home invaders to keep away!

Installing impact windows and doors is a home security upgrade that keeps on giving. They block out UV rays, keeping your home cooler and preserving the life of your soft furnishings. 

They can also help you to reduce your energy bills.


2) Modern Home Security Systems

Florida residents have protected their homes with 24/7 monitoring for years. However, many people are put off by the cost. So it's another monthly outgoing to add to the list.

That said, it's worth researching and weighing up your options. Installing an affordable home security system could give you greater peace of mind. Additionally, many now have options to monitor their home while away.

According to the FBI, the average dollar cost per burglary is $2,661. But it's impossible to put a dollar figure on the emotional cost to every family member.


Evaluating the Costs

The best affordable home security systems combine low installation costs and monthly fees. You also need to factor in the price of the equipment, which is usually less than $250. Some companies charge as little as $8 a month and do not tie you into a long contract.


Consider DIY Options

Usually, companies charge a monthly fee to monitor your home on your behalf. But you can upgrade your home security and cut costs by monitoring it yourself. However, professional monitoring is still recommended for the best level of protection.


3) Motion Detector Lighting

Criminals do not want to be bathed in light while trying to carry out their nefarious activities. You can accomplish this with inexpensive flood lights hooked up to the mains or solar power.

Worried that cats and other neighborhood wildlife will set them off and make them a nuisance? Shop around and find a system that's smart enough to ignore small animals and focus on humans.


4) A Security Mailbox

Identity theft is rising, making our mail more appealing to criminals. One way to keep them out is to install a security mailbox. These attractive home features look great but are only possible with the key.

You can add another level of security to your home for a relatively small investment.


5) A Garage Door Opener (on Your Keychain)

It sure is convenient to leave your garage opener in the car. But cars don't have impact glass that can withstand a burglar's hammer. So if your garage opener is sitting in your car, it's like leaving the keys to your house visible. 

They've only got to check your car registration card, and they've got your home address as well.

Instead, switch over to using a keychain garage opener. You always have your keys while driving, so it's just as convenient. And it makes your car much less appealing to would-be burglars.


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Invest in Reliable Home Security From Alco Windows and Doors

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There are several affordable home security options for South Florida residents. From simple hacks to a full-on home security upgrade, living in peace doesn't have to cost the earth.

We provide outstanding solutions for South Florida homeowners at Alco Windows and Doors. 

Our wide range of impact doors and windows don't just protect you during hurricanes. They're also serious about putting for criminals intent on breaking into your house.

Build a more robust structure that can stop home invasions. We can help. See how installing impact windows and doors helped other homeowners in the South Florida communities near you:


"I had long wanted the security, convenience, and beauty of impact-resistant doors and windows. A friend had recommended Alco Windows and Doors. The result is beautiful. And of course secure."            - Richard, Homeowner - Kendall, FL.


"We live in Florida, and it's so important to have the security of good impact windows in case of a storm/hurricane. Please do yourself a favor and reach out to them! They are the best at their job, and I am super grateful for their efforts." - Abi, Homeowner - Miami, FL


"I researched many companies before I picked one to replace my battered exterior french doors and large single-hung window. I needed extra security in these, plus they started just falling apart. I'll be looking forward to working with them again. Thanks, Alco!" - Marcia, Homeowner - Kendall, FL


Call us at (305) 376-7043 or book a time with a consultant to discuss your home security needs today. If you want to learn more about protecting your property this year, check our FREE Home Security Guide for South FL Residents.


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